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Friday, January 01, 2016

Compelling: Inman's "Shadows"

Shadows: One Choice a Future Makes

Secret societies, dangerous passions, and untold millions await Justin “Flip” Grey when he arrives at a banking conference for a weekend seminar. Little does he know he is being auditioned for inclusion with The Lair, a group of businessmen who influence more than the economy. And they are going to test Justin. Enter Dahlia, the world’s most dangerous temptress, who has been assigned to seduce Justin. He must choose his future: his wife or his passions?

Travis W. Inman then allows Justin to make both decisions, and creates duel realities. In the first, Justin remains faithful. He and his family begin to change the world in ways they never dreamt possible.

In reality two, Justin become “Flip”, and choses the seductress. The consequences of his choice begin to spiral, descending into chaos. Evil begins to manifest in his life, and the disaster it brings is irreversible.

One choice a future makes.

Robin's review:  "Inman’s tale is a gritty, realistic look at the importance of one’s choices in life, about the consequences we bring on ourselves and the hope we have when we lean on God for direction. A compelling, satisfying story that leaves the reader reconsidering his own decisions.” 

 Travis W. Inman grew up in the ranch country of West Texas and worked as a cowboy for his first 20 years.  Travis graduated from seminary in Dallas, Texas, and later served a year in the mission field in Mexico and South America.  He returned home and married Sarah, his wife and sweetheart of more than 20 years.  They have two teenagers whom they home school.

Over the years, Travis has applied his skills to a variety of fields, ranging from marketing and real estate to criminal justice and law enforcement.  Travis served in the United States Army where he overcame a devastating injury and was able to walk again despite the odds.

Writing is a life-long passion for Travis.  His short stories and poems have been selected for publication in a variety of newspapers and on Internet sites.  Travis’ writing includes children’s literature, action adventure, short stories, one act plays, love stories, westerns, sci-fi, thrillers, and drama.

Travis and Sarah Inman currently reside in Idaho.


Travis said...

Thank you! I'm very proud of this book and the impact it has. I really appreciate you taking time to share my work!

Robin Bayne said...

Glad to host you, Travis :)

Marian Pellegrin Merritt said...

Robin, great post. Sounds like a wonderful book, Travis!

Ann Ellison said...

I was privileged to get to read an advance copy of Shadows and it is a very powerful read.

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks for stopping by Marian and Ann!