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Sunday, November 01, 2015

New From Candee Fick!

A Writing Time-Out

The whistle blows and the game begins.

With the launch of my debut novel happening right now, my schedule is as full of action as the football games my husband coaches. From the moment I set foot out of my bedroom in the morning, I’m running nonstop to get lunches packed, start a load of laundry, and set something out to thaw for dinner before heading to my computer to juggle social media marketing updates, answer emails, check on reviewers, comment on blogs, and post in my launch party group.

And, that’s only the first quarter.

The game of life as a writer continues at a frantic pace because I’m also brainstorming the plot for a new book, talking book cover design with my editor for next fall’s release, trying to fit in some exercise, might get a call on a new project for my work-from-home-day-job, and still need to feed and connect with my family sometime before I finally head off to bed.

Are you as tired as I am?

As the wife of a high school football coach, I watch a lot of games and I found an obvious similarity in the amount of action and conflict on the field and in my typical day. But, I noticed something else on the football field that was absent in my life. Rest.

Football players have scheduled breaks in the action. At the end of the first and third quarters, there are breaks as the officials move the chains and the teams switch ends of the field. At halftime, the team gets a longer break where coaches meet and make adjustments to their strategy while player get rested up and rehydrated. During halftime, we don’t see a team continue to play. We don’t hear a player say, “I have too much to do and there is too much at stake to stop now.” The break is scheduled and so they take full advantage of it until stepping back into the heat of the battle during the second half.

There are also unscheduled breaks in the action such as when a referee stops the clock for an injury on the field or to measure forward progress against the chains. Coaches also call time-outs to manage the clock, make a critical decision, make adjustments or even break their opponent’s momentum. Players take advantage of time-outs to catch their breath before getting back in the game.

What does that have to do with me as a writer? Do I have regularly scheduled breaks – times to connect with my coach (the Holy Spirit) and my playbook (the Bible)? Do I take time to make adjustments when I see a play isn’t working as I had hoped? Do I talk to my teammates and get encouraged? When I’m overwhelmed in the middle of a busy day juggling the writing, editing, learning, and marketing parts of my career with my other responsibilities as a wife, mother, friend, and employee, do I ever call a time-out and step away from the battle to recharge and refocus?

I used to think that my never-ending to-do list meant I could never stop working, but God used the game of football to open my eyes. When the action is overwhelming, blow the whistle and take a time-out. My writing (and the rest of my life) will be better for it.

Candee Fick is the wife of a high school football coach and the mother of three children, including a daughter with a rare genetic syndrome. When not busy with her day job or writing, she can be found cheering on the home team at football, basketball, baseball, and Special Olympics games. In what little free time remains, she enjoys exploring the great Colorado outdoors, indulging in dark chocolate, and savoring happily-ever-after endings through a good book.

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Candee Fick said...

Thanks for hosting me on your blog! I hope your readers find the encouragement they need to take a much-needed break before getting back in the game.

Robin Bayne said...

So glad to have you on my blog! Congrats on the release!

Loree Lough said...

Awesome blog post, Robin, and I can't wait to read the book, Candee!

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks Loree!