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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Week Fifty-Six: Chris Stratton

                       God and the Unsolicited Manuscript

“That’s when we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purposes.”  Romans 8.28 (NIV)

In a cartoon, an aspiring author, holding his manuscript in his hands, is standing before an editor’s receptionist seeking admission to the editor.

The receptionist says, “The editor will be with you in a few minutes. Just have a seat on those unsolicited manuscripts over there.” Turning, the man sees hip high, waist high stacks of papers leaning against the wall behind him.

If God were the editor and your life, my life, were His
publications, how would he deal with unsolicited manuscripts?

In the Lord’s publishing House of Life, He solicits some manuscripts; He plans for them and assigns them a time to be published in our lives.

Some manuscripts are unsolicited. To us they might look like accidents, bad luck, insults, fallen dreams, self-aggrandizement,
unmet goals, sickness, even tragedies. At times they seem to be
stacking up against our wall in hip high, waist high stacks.

Unlike human editors, God reads every manuscript. He
Himself edits, revises, rewrites a little here, adds an emphasis, cuts redundancies, lengthens, strengthens; sometimes he slightly changes the direction of the publication itself, until the unsolicited manuscript exactly suits His purpose for the life into which it has dropped.

That’s when we look back and say, “It was a terrible time, but it has all worked for good,” or “I learned so much,” or “grew in the Lord,” or “I wouldn’t change it if I could, although at the time it was so difficult that I wondered how I could live through it.”

That’s when we know we are the LORD’S publication, the product of His House of Life Publishing, and in our
pages the people in our world find evidence of Him, His love and His care.

Chris Stratton, Appleton, serves the LORD in her primary roles of wife, mother, and grandmother.   She is currently working on a novel.  Her writings include poetry, devotionals, short stories, and memoirs. She is locally published.  She is the facilitator of Word and Pen Christian Writers Club.

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Jane Frantz said...

Love the analogy, Chris. Beautiful!