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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week Fifty-Eight:Ginny McCabe

             Write On and Remain Faithful

”So God will choose the one to whom he decides to show mercy; his choice does not depend on what people want or try to do. The Scripture says to the King of Egypt: I made you king for this reason: to show my power in you so that my name will be talked about in all the earth.”
Romans 9: 16, 17. (NCV)

I remember the day I met President George W. Bush. I got up at 5 a.m. that morning to go through a Secret Service screening and take my place as one of the media representatives covering his speech, which he gave at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. From the moment I stood in the security line, until the time I was in his presence, the experience was overwhelming and surreal.

When I got back to my hotel room, I teared up. I was so joyful and touched that I had the opportunity to meet President Bush and hear his speech in person. This experience is one of those inspiring, motivational moments that reminds me to be faithful, so that God can display his power in my life.

If someone asked me for advice, I would urge him or her to be faithful in their calling and to allow God to make His purposes known. God knows the desires of our hearts and that He will bring everything to pass when we allow him to do so. Since I was a teenager, one of the greatest passions in my life has been writing. In high school, I joined writer’s club and served on the newspaper staff.

While I was in college I continued to write and, by the time I was a sophomore, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. I did all kinds of things related to writing, including working for a variety of publications and newspapers and attending writers™ workshops. I prepared myself through skill and training. However,when I asked God to use me for his glory and when I surrendered my own plan for his ultimate plan for me, things really started happening for me .

If you asked me ten years ago if I thought I would ever meet the President of the United States, I would have said, “No.” Not because I didn’t want to, but because I would have never dreamed I would have that opportunity. Because I have chosen to remain faithful and seek Him through my writing endeavors, God has brought about many things in my life like that. Now I have written thousands of articles and I’m currently writing my fourth book. But, I still have to work hard. There are even days when I get rejection letters and times when I fail. And I’ve learned to praise God in the little victories and live in those special moments. God has a variety of ways he uses us and prepares us for His purposes. For me, the path has been unusual, surprising and difficult at times. But, at every turn, or fork in the road, God has had his hand on my life and encouraged me to remain faithful so that He can reveal his purposes.

Ginny McCabe is a best-selling and award-winning author, writer, speaker, teacher and media professional. Ginny is the author of five books as well as four additional collaborations. One of her latest titles, Secrets Young Women Keep (Thomas Nelson) was honored with an ECPA “Silver Medallion Award” and earned a best-selling status from the CBA Booksellers Association. She has penned countless articles for publications, including Middletown Journal and Journal News, Today’s Pulse,, Christian Retailing, Assist News, and, among others. McCabe is also an adjunct journalism and public relations professor at Cincinnati Christian University and serves on the board of directors as secretary for the Society of Professional Journalists, Queen City Chapter. Contact her and learn more about her writing at

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