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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week Forty-Six: Erik R. Van Asch

Burning The Bacon

“Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, `Write all the words I have spoken to you in a book.’” Jeremiah 30:2 (NAS)

I like to daydream. Actually sometimes I think it is a compulsive obsessive behavior, because when I should focus on work, family or the bacon that is starting to burn, I instead find myself mentally drifting in another world. Many times this other world is spent communing with the Lord as I share my desires and dreams and occasionally listen to what he has to say in return.

In times like these the Lord will often reveal truths about life, about others or about myself. I tend to walk away (or continue to stand there in a daze) with a bit of knowledge and insight that is refreshing, challenging and encouraging. Unfortunately, too often the epiphany will fade as I rescue the bacon from cremation and hearken to the call of hungry kids wanting extra servings of the now crunchy meat combined with requests for Saturday morning cartoons.

In an effort to hold on to these “words of the Lord,” I’ve found it helps to keep a journal. The challenge at first required overcoming the misconception that journals (a.k.a. diaries) were only kept by eight year old girls. As a young writer and father of four, I found that journaling is a wonderful place to capture thoughts, feelings, reflections, revelations, record events, doodle and draft out writing projects.

A journal provides a constant source of material to draw ideas and inspiration from, which has cured my writer’s block. Also, through writing my own thoughts and dreams I’m able to apply this practice to my fictional characters, which makes them more whole and less one dimensional. Nowadays I keep my journal close. Thus, when I find myself daydreaming and the Lord speaks to me, I’m now not so quick to forget the wonders he so graciously chooses to reveal to me. Unfortunately for my household, I still can’t help but burn the bacon.

Erik R. Van Asch loves to write poetry and speculative fiction. He lives in California with his wife of over twenty years and their four kids: Ethan, Conner, Brayden and Kaya.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

I've heard that lots of writers have cured writers' block through journaling, though, I've never tried it. Sounds like a good idea. I may give it a shot sometime soon.

Erik Van Asch said...

I wrote this piece over six years ago and I find that my journal continues to generate more ideas than I can shake a stick at.

I'm also finding on the days I don't want to write my novel or non-fiction book, the journal is an easy way to get words to paper and "warm up" to doing other writing.

Hope it helps!

Robin Bayne said...

I love when writers share ideas.