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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week Twenty-Nine: Bridget Gazlay

Every Successful Writer

 “Every successful writer starts out as a ‘nobody.’”—Anonymous

 I’ve always loved writing, but I never really thought about writing
for publication, just something to do for fun in my spare time. I
figured only famous authors could make it in the writing world. I,
on the other hand, was not a famous author, and would probably
never gain acceptance in this field.

That’s what I thought of writing anyway, until I heard these
words: “Every successful writer starts out as a ‘nobody.’ What a
revelation. It never crossed my mind that even the most famous of
authors started out unrecognizable. Most authors don’t start out
writing best sellers and hits; they start out at the bottom and work
their way up, just like me. If ordinary people can become
extraordinary authors, so could I.

After that, I decided if an opportunity arose for me to use my
writing talents and skills to glorify God, I would take it. That life
changing moment was many years ago. Since then, I’ve had several
articles published in magazines, a craft book published, my testimony
featured on several web sites, and I’ve written over 200 devotionals.

Most of these writing accomplishments are not extraordinary
by any means, but they are a start. The most exciting thing is that
my writing skills are used by God to encourage others. Ephesians
4: 29 is my writing theme verse, and it says, “Do not let any
unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is
helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may
benefit those who listen.” I don’t need to be famous or on the best
seller list for God to use me in someone else’s life. I like to think of
each writing opportunity as an assignment from God. Each
writing assignment is more experience. Not only am I gaining more
notoriety, but I am gaining precious skills that will be with me for a
lifetime. I may not be famous, but I am more than a “nobody.”

Bridget resides in the beautiful West Michigan where she works full time as a Business & Finance Specialist. When she has a free moment, she likes to write, create fabric art, sing, and lead Bible studies. She struggles with several illnesses but doesn’t let that hold her down too much.

 Bridget’s prayer is that all who come across her writing or fabric art would see that she allows God’s creation to be her inspiration. For more information about Bridget, visit

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