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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week Seventeen: Liz Hoyt Eberle

Chapter Two:    Persistence Through Trials and Rejections

You're Kidding!    My Words

“I will teach you what you shall do….” Exodus 4:15 (NAS)

Moses had a problem with words and complained to the Lord, “I have never been eloquent….” so God made a promise to Moses. Those words from Exodus are printed on a dog-eared card that sits on my desk.

As a child, words were my passion and when I became a mother I wrote more words, words that to me were larger than life and significant, but I hid them away in folders and boxes believing they were not eloquent. I was amazed when our church published a book of my Advent devotionals for mothers in the
1970s and hope was born. I took writing courses and began
submitting work for publication, but rejections of my work soon became rejections of myself so I concentrated more on raising my foster children, my own children and earning a living. I became a closet writer, usually falling asleep with either a book or a pen in hand. Somewhere along the way, I stopped listening to God.

Time passed, computers came on the scene, people left, lives changed and I moved my disabled daughter, her son and my boxes all over central Texas. Kicking, screaming and complaining, my focus quietly shifted from myself and “my words” back to trusting the Lord of my life. I settled my family in a new community where I was director of the local senior citizen center and one day I was stunned to discover the boxes containing my papers and folders had survived the years and moves. I hesitated long enough to read the scripture verse on my desk, then quickly put together a series of stories about Christmas and mailed them to the editor of our small-town weekly newspaper. A month later, almost out of my office for Thanksgiving vacation, I received a telephone call from the newspaper editor, asking permission to run all six of those stories in December, because he “loved my gift of words.” I had never recognized “my words” as a gift from God.

I had forgotten He just wanted me to listen, and to do.

I have become neither rich nor famous, but as each new door opened, I learned just what I needed to know. Twenty-five of my feature stories were published in our local newspaper and thirteen of my stories were published in sixteen main-stream national anthology volumes. However, in the process of writing one feature story, I met an astonishing man who became my late- in-life, new and most beloved husband.

Allowing God to teach this stubborn writer what I need to
know is hard but when I wait on Him, trust Him and listen to Him,
I am at peace, knowing just what I need to know, whether I am cooking, throwing a party, cleaning, praying with friends or passionately writing and revising words.

Liz Hoyt Eberle lives in the Texas hill country. As chief caregiver to her beloved husband and to her adult daughter Liz now has little time to wonder about the future. But, she constantly scribbles new words on odd scraps of paper, occasionally posts to her blog,, and continues to gather material for characters in the lives of strangers who wander in and out of her life. Liz is trying to grow old gracefully and always has encouraging words for struggling writers. Read her full resume at 

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