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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week Fourteen: Carole McDonnell

Taking Back the Kingdom

“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our
Lord.” Revelation 11:15 (NKJV)

What a lovely promise. What a wonderful hope. What a creative commission.

Many of the creative and musical arts had their start in religion. For eons, humanity has shown its spirituality by using art. People danced to their gods, sang his (or her) praises, acted out his exploits. The other arts were also linked to gods and goddesses as well. The art of Science flourished because people believed the gods had created a world that was comprehensible to the human mind. Doctors and healers trusted God to enlighten them about what plants created certain medicines. Lawyers, kings, and all kingdoms believed law, power, and wisdom came from one god or another and honored the god behind their particular creative or scientific kingdom. This continued into the 16th century, but when the ‘scientific revolution’ fully flowered, all these kingdoms lost their true King. In modern days the various disciplines of science and the many genres of art have fallen out of God’s hands. But the promise above is a living promise.

I write fantasy, psychological horror, science fiction, romance. All of these are genres which belong to the kingdoms of this world. Few SF writers are religious, let alone Christian. They worship humanity. Many fantasy writers kneel at the altar of Gaia. And nowadays, most of the healing power inherent in the arts come from sciences emptied of the spiritual. It is my hope that one day, the kingdoms of this world—specifically the artistic and creative kingdoms—will become entirely God’s. In the old days, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vaughan, and even Shakespeare, all spoke unashamedly of God. Painting, sculpture, visual art, theatre, explored His virtues and praised His holy Name. Now the world wars against anything Christian in a work of art. The promise endures however that the victory and the kingdom will be God’s. And I shall be one of the soldiers in the vanguard in this particular spiritual war.

The Bible tells us that if the trumpet gives an uncertain call, who will rouse himself to battle?Although I feel the importance of the call, I have had moments when television, or other distractions pull me away from the battle. A handsome actor, an intriguing plot, a marathon of one’s favorite TV show. And yet, paradoxically, it is often television that drives me back into the fray. Who has not been insulted into action? Who has not heard some atheistic pundit snipe at the Bible and didn’t want to write the cable station a hastily-scribbled note? Who has not seen one too many psychotic pedophiliac priests, murderous judgmental abortion-clinic-bombing born-againer, or conversely, yet another glorified medium, psychic, Gaia-worshiping peace child?

Truly, the average Christian is often so insulted in TV fiction that each insult must be taken as a kind of call. For me, anyway to hear the insult or the snipe is enough to make me drop my remote and fly to my desk and my awaiting mouse and computer.

Carole McDonnells essays, fiction, and poetry have appeared in many online and print venues. She writes ethnic, speculative, and religious writings. She lives in New Yorks Hudson Valley with her husband, two sons, and their pets. Her first novel, Wind Follower, is a multicultural Christian speculative fiction novel and was published by Juno Books in 2007. Her second novel is The Constant Tower." Her short story collection is entitled Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction by Carole McDonnell.

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