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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Week Six: Brandy Brow


“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I
will guide you with My eye.” —Psalm 32:8 (NKJV)

I used to be scared stiff—literally—in the active sense. I was

afraid I would do something out of God’s will that would make

Him upset with me, so I wound up doing nothing: no jobs, no

ministry, no trips. Then God used a job I didn’t know He didn’t

want me to have to show that He always guides as long as I move

forward looking for His direction. I didn’t have to fear being in the
wrong place so long as I obeyed when I realized He wanted me

to alter course. The catch was, if I wouldn’t do anything, He
couldn’t “steer” me. The same is just as true of writing, but I

didn’t figure this out right away.
My writing output came in spurts. Most of the time, I was

stagnant wondering what to work on next. The stagnancy didn’t

stem from fear, though. Rather, belief that Christians weren’t

supposed to write anything of their own accord had caused me to
develop a prerequisite: God had to give me a specific assignment

before I would write. It went against the oft given exhortation
“Just write,” so I spent many days confused and frustrated.

One day I opened my Bible, determined to be in God’s word.

I didn’t know where to begin and had no direction, but I was so
desperate that I turned to a bookmark. Soon, I began to think

about what guidance really meant and looked up specific scriptures
on that topic. After jumping from book to book, I found a verse I

knew right away was the heart of my study, Psalm 32:8. Then I
noticed where it was in my Bible: one up from the first verse I had

read when I opened to the bookmark an hour earlier. I shook my
head in awe of God. There couldn’t have been a more perfect

illustration to emphasize His message. Right then I knew God was
saying that as long as I start, no matter if I begin with my own

desires or not, because I’m looking for His guidance, He’ll pick
up somewhere along my journey and guide me to the right

That day I learned God had already given me a broader

direction I was to follow. He had told me to write. That was the
only prerequisite needed.

It’s good to know we don’t have to wait for specific

assignments from God before we start to write, and that, in fact,
we shouldn’t. We have to begin with the larger command He has

already given us. Write.
If you have been waiting for God to tell you what to work

on next instead of getting down to business, take time today to
begin something—anything—knowing God’s direction is just

around the bend.
He could point you to your next project beforehand, but it

could be He is waiting to see how serious you are about writing
before telling you.
And no matter how you look at it, if you won’t write anything,

He can’t steer your writing.
Father, if you lead I will follow, but I won’t require You any

longer to prod me before I move. You have already given me the
directive to write. That’s good enough for me. Amen.

Brandy Brow contributed to Writer's Digest's 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1500 Words or Less. She loves to help authors, whether it's with freelance editing and mentoring or in her capacities as Executive Director of Christian Writers' Group International (CWGI) or the Assistant Executive Director of The Muse Online Writers Conference.

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