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Saturday, September 21, 2013

About the Series. . .

Each day I receive devotional writings by e-mail, and read them on desk and wall calendars. I often wonder how to apply that day’s “lesson” to my writing, and how to share my own favorite verses with other writers.

Many writers keep a favorite quote or Bible verse taped to their computer monitors, or as part of their e-mail signature or website theme. Why do they do this? For the inspiration, they might tell you. Or, as a constant reminder of a principle or value which aids their writing production or their sanity. The words can serve as task-master, guidance counselor or just plain comforter.

I find this practice fascinating, and have many quotes and verses tucked under the laminated covering on my desk. Each one reflects a bit of my personality and beliefs, as do every writer’s choice selections. In the original paperback, some of the finest writers in the business shared their inspiration, their favorite words of wisdom, and explained why they find them so special.

So stop here weekly, see how many of them also speak to you. The majority of the anthology's authors have agreed to share their devotional here, and tell you about some of their other recent projects.

Print out the pieces that inspire you, or even better, create or find your own special quote or verse. Feel free to share them in "comments."

~~~What words do you write by?~~~

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