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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Re-reading A Keeper

I've been pulling really old books off my shelf to re-read-- I've picked several by Judith McNaught that I hadn't read in probably 20 years. I wanted to see how the longer romances were put together (I've been writing short for a long time.)

Some things I noted--

--If enough things happen to the main characters, before the romance is resolved, 700 pages aren't always too many even without subplots.

--Using real-life famous people will really and truly make your story seem outdated in a few years.

--McNaught used real song lyrics, which can rarely be arranged these days (I wonder if her pub paid for them?)

--McNaught often slipped into an omniscient POV, almost like a narrator

--Her books don't start at the point of change, a lot of back story is in the beginning

Overall, though, I still enjoy her long and emotional stories.