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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Once grace is said, dishes are done and you're home from Black Friday shopping, please take a moment to check out my Christmas release--    

Jason hasn’t seen Cami in three years. Now she’s back, with the son he’d wanted to claim as his own. Can he believe her newly found faith or will she desert him, and God, again?

Cami Jones is nervous about spending Thanksgiving with the Becker family, because she knows her old and dear friend Jason will be there. The friend, and employer, she’d deserted three years ago to run away and start a new life. Ashamed of things she’d done before finding faith, Cami reluctantly agrees to start a temporary job for Jason once again.

Still hurt that Cami had taken the son he’d helped deliver and fled, Jason finds it hard to believe she’s now a Bible-believing Christian. But the old spark is still there and he finds himself weaving into Cami and Robbie’s life again. When his new accountant turns out to be Cami’s ex, they panic they may lose custody of Robbie. Admitting he wants Cami and Robbie for ever is the best Christmas present he could ever imagine.

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Very Sweet and cleverly written story ---November 12, 2012

Cleverly combining a coming-home story with the holidays and rekindling a lost love, this story kept me turning pages to the end. While steeped in Christian values, the overriding theme becomes forgiveness and growth: personal and spiritual. While the two main characters learn to work together, they also have to learn to trust one another; not easy for either Jason or Cami. Ultimately, love does win out after a suspenseful series of events, and the couple manages to find their own happily ever after as each day together is just like Christmas, forever.

I received an eBook copy from the author through Book and Trailer Showcase eMagazine for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Reviews on the original version:

Tender, sweet, heartwarming and utterly charming are just a few words I'd use to describe From Now On. Ms. Bayne vividly brings to life Cami andJason's struggles to follow Christ, accept, love and forgive as He did, yet never gets preachy or holier-than-thou. Cami and Jason are ordinary people, living their lives, dealing with their moments of doubt and hardship as they come along. I highly recommend this enchanting novella." ---In The Library Reviews

"A good read from a talented author."- Carolyn Scheidies, author & reviewer

"A must read."--- Romance Reviews Today

"An interesting tale that includes real problems and real solutions."--- The Road to Romance

Excerpt: Christmas Forever

“When did you start going to church?” He asked the question in a quiet voice, but Cami also heard the unasked part of the query-when you would never go with me?

“In Philly. A woman I worked with asked me to go with her. She didn’t have anyone else, and neither did I. She gave me a few web sites to look at, ones that answered a lot of my concerns about Christ, and I got hooked. Katherine, that’s her name, went with us to all the social events, too.”

“Guess you’ll miss her.”

“Yeah. But she’s getting married in a few months, so she has someone.” They walked together in silence, traipsing into the snow bank as the street dead-ended near the woods. “How come you still aren’t married, Jason? You’ve always wanted a family.”

He touched her arm, and she felt his heat even through her coat. “Let’s turn around and head back now. It looks like it’s going to start snowing again.”

She understood he wanted to change direction of not only their path, but of their discussion. And she couldn’t blame him-it drove her nuts when people asked why she’d never married, too. Well-meaning, most folks had no idea why she couldn’t enjoy the blessing of marriage, of a loving, committed partner. She had too much to make up for.

Halfway home, Jason turned to her again. “Would you like to go to church with us Sunday? Then I could go with you to pick up Robbie.” He scuffed his boot against a curb. “There’s plenty of room in our pew, especially since Dad’s gone on. Mom still takes the family right up to the front row. She’s amazing.”

They stopped two houses from the Becker property. Cami felt a fist in her gut, twisting with the genuine affection she still felt for this man. “I don’t think so.”

That seemed to surprise him, and she watched the myriad of emotions cross his face. Finally a look of smug disbelief settled in his eyes, and the set of his mouth. “Why not? Are you really going to church now, Cami? I know we’ve had this discussion before, and it’s really none of my business. But you can tell me.”

“Of course I am. I’d never lie about that. It’s just that when I attend, I sit in the back row. And I keep my head down.”

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