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Friday, February 10, 2012

It's "Samaritan" Day!

Join me in celebrating today the re-release of my novella "Samaritan."

Tim Gardner has worked hard to rebuild the family business after his older brother nearly destroyed it. He’s restored the clientele base and the restaurant's reputation. But if Rachel Martin can’t get her act together, she won’t fulfill his orders for the Gardner’s Gazebo signature dessert, a gold-leaf cheese cake, which also happens to be Rachel’s secret recipe.

When Rachel Martin's partner abandons their bakery and catering business to study with the master chefs in Paris, she's left with nothing but bills and obligations-and no one in Portlandville seems able or willing to help her. No one except for Timothy Gardner, and she knows the handsome young man is only after one thing—her cheese cake. But as she gets to know him, during her time of need, she wonders if maybe there’s a little bit more in the mix. And as Tim gets to know Rachel, he finds himself wanting to be her Good Samaritan--permanently.

"Samaritan" is the prequel story to "Prodigal" and "Christmas Pearl."

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This book is an interesting look at America's last days and how Christians can learn not to fear them.

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Donna B said...

Wow! Twilight's Last Gleaming sounds wonderful - like something we all need!

myfirstbaby said...

Hope I'm doing this right. I have not ready any of your books though. :) Sounds like a great story. Thank you

mhcommet (at) yahoo (dot) com

T White said...

I can't wait to read your works!! I am always looking for Christian fiction AND people that portray truth.