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Monday, January 09, 2012

Unleashing the Writer in You

Cecil Murphy has a new book for writers---

Although it’s difficult for me to say those words aloud, I believe I have an aptitude to communicate messages of encouragement on the page or screen. It’s difficult to say because I don’t want to come across as implying I have a special endowment that no one else does. Yet it’s part of my “divine equipping,” and I want to use it well.

I also have trouble expressing that God would favor me with such an endowment. Even now, after more than a hundred books, I’m still in awe that God would use my words to touch other people.
That sense of wonderment is the major reason I know it’s a gift. Calling it a gift means it’s not a possession I earned, nor is it an ability I produced by myself. It’s a knack given to me for myself and for others.

Order your copy here.

Read the first 2 chapters here.

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