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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Do You Plan Your Stories?

Interesting post today over at Paperback Writer. Here's the beginning--check it out and let me know if you plan your writing (or are a "panster?")

from Paperback Writer:

Yesterday I talked about working on several writing projects at the same time and preparations to make in order to try this. Today we'll discuss how to do the actual work without driving yourself batty.

For each of your projects you now have a one-page outline, a notebook, folder or file for the paperwork, and a dedicated space for all research and reference materials. From here you can go three ways, depending on how you like to work your writing plan:

1. Write a detailed synopsis for each project.
2. Write chapter summaries for each project.
3. Work off the one-page outline for each project.

I don't like guessing what to write, and there is no such thing as too much planning for me, so I always go with #1 and a modified version of #2 (once I have the synopsis written, I divide it into approximate chapters.) This also automatically generates my daily task list, which we'll get to after we cover the other options.

If you're not interested in writing a synopsis for the project, you can put together chapter summaries based on your one-page outline. You can get as detailed or keep it as simple as you like, but you're basically answering this question for each chapter: What happens now?

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Jeff Rivera said...

I think it would be best if you write it spontaneously. It would be great to let yourself on with the story and have no limitations with it. In that way, you could generate a good book that no one could make.