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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

I've been tagged for the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award. Thanks Joanne Tropello!

Be sure to stop by Joanne's blog to see her random facts!

The rules of this award are:

1) You link the person who sent it to you. Joanne Tropello

2) List seven random facts about yourself.
Okay, here goes:

a) I work with my husband at the "day job."

b) We have worked together for 25 years.

c) Guilty pleasures: "Legally Blonde" and "Star Gate."

d) I don't own a Kindle yet, but have the desktop version.

e) I don't really care for chocolate.

f) I won a P.T. Cruiser back in 2001.

g) I've been to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and many islands, but have never been to Europe.

3) Now I'm passing the award on to 10 other awesome blog buddies who are listed below. Do take time to check everyone's answers.

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1 comment:

JoanneTroppello said...

Robin, glad to tag your blog. I've also been to Hawaii and Mexico but never to Europe. One of these days I'd like to get there; especially to Italy, England and Ireland. Have a great week! :-)