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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self Promotion

Sally Apokedak has a wonderful post on the problem of balancing writing with self promotion and marketing.

Self-promotion. Something must be in the air. Jonathan Rogers posted about it yesterday, linking to an article by Jeffrey Overstreet. And on the kidlit email loop a discussion flared about it also.

Jeffrey, in his article tells about the serendipitous way he came by his book contracts and he says, “I remain embarrassed by this grace, and burdened with a sense of responsibility.” But that is his disclaimer, it seems, in an article that is full of lament over the way the reality falls short of the dream.

Published authors, we learn from the article, must force their contemplative Mary souls into dark corners and train themselves to be mighty Marthas, blustering about, concerned with many things, from sending out bookmarks to guest blogging to tweeting it up with strangers who want to feel like friends.

Read the rest at Sally's blog.

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