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Monday, October 18, 2010

Resources for Writers

Have you checked out Laura Resnick's Resource Page for writers? It's well worth your time.

Whether you're a beginning writer seeking basic self-education or a mid-career professional in need of specific information, this page contains a wide variety of recommended resources that may be useful to you. There's also a section below that's specifically for teenage writers.

What follows is a long list of books, blogs, articles, services, organizations, workshops, and websites that I recommend. I am personally familiar with some of the resources on this page; all of the others were recommended to me by other working writers and publishing professionals.

Scroll down to browse the whole page, or click on a specific link in the contents list to go straight to the secton that interests you. I update this page regularly, so be sure to keep checking back here for new resources.

Laura's Contents:

* Books That I Recommend
* Books Recommended By Other Writers
* On Agents
* On Packaging
* Some Online Posts and Pieces That I Recommend Reading
* "Will You Read My Manuscript?"
* Recommended Resources On The Web
* Blogs (About the Publishing Industry)
* Writing Workshops and Courses
* For Teenage Writers
* Want Help With Your Manuscript? (Reputable Freelance Editors)
* Miscellaneous (Fun & Interesting Sites Related to the Craft & Business)

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