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Monday, April 05, 2010

Who Caught Jerry?

Jerry Jenkins has a wonderful anecdote on his blog today.

Here's an excerpt--

Wednesdays On Writing

The Arm in the Night

When I was a child, one of the highlights of my week was playing tag in the parking lot after church on Sunday nights. We kids would burst from the tiny sanctuary and race between the cars. I was under strict orders not to run in church or move a muscle until the final Amen.

One Sunday evening found our family sitting near the back, with me closest to the door. When the service was over I strode to the foyer, bounded down the steps, and shot through the door into pitch darkness. No one else was even close. I took a hard left and sprinted with all my might toward the parking lot.

Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks by what felt like a huge arm at my waist. I felt like a cartoon character who’d hit a railing. My hands and feet flew out ahead of me. I stopped with a jolt.

I squinted until my eyes became accustomed to the light … and realized I was standing at the edge of a ten-foot hole. Alone.

Pop over to his blog to read the rest.

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Sunshine and Shadows said...

You know I have to go read the rest - compelling story.