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Friday, February 05, 2010

What I've Learned About Fiction From Golf

You may have noticed that the cover of my latest release features a golf ball. That’s because one of the scenes takes place on a driving range and is based on a real life experience. Personally, I’ve given up trying to learn the game and let my husband go out to the course so I can have quiet reading or writing time.

But over many years of observing the game both in real life and on television, I’ve picked up the following:

In golf, patience is the key. It is a slow sport to play, and can be slowed further by lagging players in front of you. (You can however, speed things up by playing golf on the Wii machine.)

In fiction, patience is also needed. Reading a love story is a slow, unfolding process that makes us wait for the payoff at the end. We also must sometimes wait patiently for the next story in a series. (You can however, sometimes speed things up by ordering your books as downloads for immediate receipt.)

In golf, there is a code of etiquette to be followed. Many rules apply out on the green. It is considered the “gentleman’s sport” for a reason.

In fiction, there are also rules of etiquette for readers like not revealing “spoilers” and ruining the experience for others. And not criticising an author, focusing instead on her work.

In golf, your spouse might become irritated by the amount of time you spend at it.

In fiction, your spouse might become irritated by the amount of time you spend at it.

So in what ways is reading a superior hobby to golf?

--You don’t need to wear plaid pants or a collared shirt to read a book.
--Reading is a year-round sport, regardless of weather.
--You can buy many books for the cost of one typical round of golf.
--You can re-read a scene anytime, but in golf “mulligans” are frowned upon.
--No special equipment is needed to read, unless it’s reading glasses.
--You can’t play golf on the beach or in the tub.
--If you completed grade school, you won’t need special instructors to help you read.
--You can read all alone, without needing to call your buddies.

So send your spouse out to the driving range and curl up on your couch. Tell us, what books are in your TBR (to be read) pile?
And do you play golf?


Diane1611 said...

No, I don't play golf (boring!) but I do love to read. I am presently reading "Night Angel" by T. Davis and Isabelle Bunn. I am also reading "Windows 7 for Dummies," since I am hoping to get a new laptop soon. I have to finish up the new Writer's Digest so I can return it to the library tomorrow.

I enjoyed this post, Robin. Two thumbs up!

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks! I appreciate it.