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Friday, January 29, 2010

New Review

Many thanks to The Romance Studio for this lovely review!

Daniel Gardner disappeared many years prior to his entrance at his brother’s wedding. He was not sure of his welcome by anyone including his family. The last person she expected to see at Tim and Rachel’s wedding was Daniel. Lane was shocked and apprehensive about facing him after so long. There was so much to settle—things the family and friends didn’t know.

Ms. Robin Bayne has written an incredibly poignant book about the power of love and how God can change hearts and lives. The acceptance and devotion certainly mimicked the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. The other son (Tim) even reacted much as the Bible’s story.

I applaud her development of the characters, both the strong main ones as well as those supporting. Each was believable and likeable.

This sweet storyline was a fast-paced, quick read. I could not put it down. However, there is a big surprise in the book. It definitely is not a cookie-cutter type manuscript. It got better with each passing page. I highly recommend that anyone read this book. It has a great plot, impressive characters, and an emotional ending. Kudos, Ms. Bayne!

5 hearts!

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