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Friday, November 20, 2009

Interested in your Work!

Well the holidays are almost upon us! If you can take a break from shopping, wrapping, singing and baking, here is a small press market interested in your work:

Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing

A few words with Publisher, Sandy Cummins

1-- What are your needs (for submissions) at this time?

I desperately need romances (non-erotica), other than that, good
quality writing that we don't have to edit to death to make reasonable.

2--What do you not want to see?

Grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. If you are a writer, know
your craft, if you don't know your craft, learn it first, then submit
to a publisher.

3--Any advice for new writers?

When you think you are done with a novel, leave it for a few months
then read it out loud to someone, that will turn up a lot of mistakes
and lack of flow. Then if that passed the test, get other writers to
look at it and ask for critiques.

4--Describe your ideal submitter.

Someone who has done the work to produce a polished manuscript - no
typos, no obvious bad grammar.

5-- Anything else you'd like to add?

We edit to make the work better, but we really want something good to
start with and prevent you being rejected straight up.


submission page:

The following genres are currently being accepted:

* Action/Adventure/War
* Business/Finance
* Christian (Fiction and non-fiction)
* Fantasy
* General Fiction (Miscellanous fiction that does not fit under any of the other categories)
* Historical
* Humour
* Mystery
* Parenting
* Romance - This includes sweet up to sensual rating. Romances can include traditional romance or multi-genre (ie mixed with paranormal, time-travel, mythological creatures etc). We are particularly looking for vampire, werewolf and other paranormal romances. We do not publish: erotica, homosexual romances (you can have homosexual characters in your stories, but we do not want romances featuring homosexual relationships). We also do not want stories that contain non-consensual relationships, bestiality, or undue crudity.
* Science Fiction
* Self-Help/How-To (this includes DIY, Health, Advice, hobbies etc)
* Westerns
* Writing Advice

If your book does not fit any of these genres please send me an email and ask if we would be willing to publish it.

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