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Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't Be Fooled by Harlequin's Vanity Scheme

Novelists, Inc. Responds to Disturbing Developments in Publishing:

"Vanity publishing is not new, although the Internet has become a
lucrative feeding ground for vanity publishers. Presented with enough
enthusiastic jargon and color graphics, a hopeful author might well be
convinced that he has stumbled upon a fantastic new way of bringing
his stories, his voice, to the reading public.

"Alas, the truth is that vanity publishing is still the same old
opportunistic hag dressed up in new clothing, with the added flash and
dash of savvy marketing. It still exists to part dreamers from their
money, with very little hope of return. The dangled bait never
changes, the creatively couched language suggesting that all these
good things "could, may, might possibly, perhaps" happen for you if
you choose one from column A and two from Column B on their à la carte
menu of pricey services.

"There is now a new, deeply disturbing twist being applied to this
age-old money grab. Publishers with brand names, currently enjoying
respectable reputations within the industry and with the reading
public, are putting both on the chopping block in order to get a share
of the vanity publishing market.

"It takes years to build a respected name and reputation in this
industry. Losing that respect happens much more quickly, sometimes

"No authors' organization can prevent a publisher from setting up a
vanity publishing division. Writers' organizations can, however,
speak firmly and clearly about the sort of egregious business
practices that reflect badly on our entire industry.

"Ninc strongly advocates that any and all publishing houses that now
operate or are in the planning stages of creating vanity publishing
arms do so ethically and responsibly, while adhering to accepted
standards of full disclosure. This includes not using the same or a
similar name for the vanity division of their royalty-paying
publishing house.

"Ninc further strongly advocates that these houses either cease and
desist or do not institute the practice of steering hopeful writers
who are rejected by the royalty-paying divisions of their companies
into the open arms of their vanity publishing offshoot.

To do otherwise demeans the publisher's brand and robs credibility
from every one of its conventional, contracted authors."

Read more here, and find information for those considering the vanity publishing route.

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