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Monday, November 24, 2008

Write Now

For any of you who follows the blog posts by Milton Dykes, check out this post he made recently. It is such a good reminder!

Milton writes:

My thoughts are still reflecting on yesterdays post about the unexpected death of Lavada Haupt. Her passing took place so quickly. The tumor as I have heard it wasn't discovered just this past October only a few weeks back. She was at Kristy's funeral and to my knowledge had no idea of having such a severe problem.

Does that say anything to you? Does it make you think about the value of living today? Does it make you think of eternal purpose? I learned in a way I couldn't conceive in Kristy's passing that life is most precious and to be treasured far more than the majority realize.


I received this note in the mail on Saturday which simply reads:

Hope you are
writing while the
words are strong
within you.
Don't wait!



Wow, those are good words and fit with what I just shared concerning the uncertainly of life. I am writing and will heed even more the good word of the Spirit from a thoughtful friend.

Earlier in the day I had commented on the necessity of telling our story and writing it now. It is a sweet, powerful, and amazing story. You will be very surprised at how it ends.

What are you waiting to do that you know you must do?

Do it now. There may not be a tomorrow or a more convenient time.

Make amends now.
Reach out now.
Give now.
Go now.
Love now.
Write now.
Complete now.

Don't wait.

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