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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Promises

Heavenly Gifts for the Holiday Season

This little book is both beautiful and inspiring. The author weaves true stories with related, helpful Scripture and quotations. The pages are decorated for Christmas and make the book a lovely gift.

“Rainbow Promises,” one of the stories included, tells of how the author met and married her husband, making eventual joy out of what was tragedy for him in the past. The story concludes with this reminder:

If you’re experiencing disappointments this Christmas, be reminded that God is seldom early, but He’s never late. As you wait, be assured that God sees the entire puzzle and is working behind the scenes for you, even when you can’t feel his presence. That’s what faith is all about.

From Amazon:

Product Description
The Bible is packed with promises concerning the daily life issues that are closest to our hearts. Unfortunately, as we get caught up in the routine of life, we often forget to seek the illumination of the Bible. Christmas Promises: Heavenly Gifts for Daily Living helps women and families personalize the timeless promises of God's Word to their everyday lives. Readers will experience the refreshment of God's one on one love as they read the personalized Scriptures that bring God's Word alive in their personal circumstances. They will be blessed during the Christmas season and throughout the year by reading about topics such as God's Promises to Provide, God's Promises of Peace, God's Promises of His Presence, God's Promises of Rest, and many more. Let the inspiring quotes and messages, true stories about God fulfilling promises, thought provoking life reflections, and prayers remind you that a personal relationship with your Creator and His Son brings heavenly hope to your weary soul.

About the Author
Leann Weiss is a bestselling inspirational author and speaker, in addition to being a political consultant. She has authored or coauthored over 50 books, and is best known for her personalized paraphrased Scriptures, which are featured in the popular Hugs series, recipient of the 2002 Retailers' Choice Awards for Best Series. LeAnn also serves as president of Encouragement Company, which she founded in 1994.

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