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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Scary Tale for Halloween


by Lee Emory

About the book:

Aaron Gromar, former UFC Senator who’d lost favor with the new world order, is warden to Androneda Prison, a remote planet which takes five years to reach in a ship with FTL drive, but he is as much a prisoner as the inmates. He can never leave. Aaron is a strong man with a dark secret he dare not reveal as it would mean his death.

Apart from the occasional use of an isolation cell, there is no need for bars in Androneda’s Prison. Staying alive from day to day is enough deterrent to misbehavior for most prisoners. That, and a device called Lobe-O. The only sure escape from this planet is death. It’s been tried.

Berina Colchek is sentenced to life on Androneda, better known as Perdition (Eternal Hell). She’s an assassin, inured to killing. The the one emotion, perhaps the strongest she feels, is anger. Her anger and hatred is directed at the Warden Gromar and all he stands for, but she soon discovers quite a different enemy facing her she never counted on. Perdition is everyone’s enemy, and the struggle to survive its daily torments is a vital priority for staff and prisoners alike.

One thing is certain. If you’re human, Perdition will either make you stronger or destroy you utterly.

Lee Emory's "Perdition" is a chilling blend of science fiction and suspense, but one that all Christians should read. The author draws you into a world we only experience in our nightmares and makes you care for the main characters, Aaron and Berina. But even beyond the fictional heros you feel compelled to keep reading for one main reason: This could happen, this could be our future. I couldn't put it down and highly recommend it.

Rated: PG 13 (for violence)
Don't mind the cover, it's not an explicit story.

Order your copy here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pray, and Vote

Excerpt from's Daily Devotional---

Senator Obama or Senator McCain? For those who have been part of the
Liveprayer family, you know that I will never publicly endorse anyone for
elected office. Also, I have never told anyone who to or not to vote for.
My concern is not about politics, but about the spiritual issues that face
our nation, with many of those issues transcending into the political arena.
As I shared with you last week, we are called to be Godly citizens.
Christians have every right and responsibility to be involved in the
political system.

The Bible is full of examples of how God can use His children in the
political world. Men like Joseph, Daniel, David, and others were men of God
who had careers in politics. In this nation, one of the ways we make our
voice heard is through our vote. Christians should vote and vote for men
and women who will best uphold Biblical principles. If those in elected
office governed according to God's Word, this nation would be enjoying the
blessings of God instead of dealing with the consequences of our rebellion
to God and His Truth!

Last year, I told you that whoever was going to be our next President would
be no friend of God. That is clearly going to be the case. I pray that if
Christians learned one thing from the two terms of President Bush, it is
that no man who ascends to the office of President is going to put God's
agenda ahead of politics. Currently in our nation, we have a dominant
two-party system. To become the nominee of one of the two dominant parties,
to have the support of key power brokers the public never sees, to have the
ability to raise the hundreds of millions of dollars necessary, to have the
infrastructure required in all 50 states, forces the nominee to sell their
soul to the institution of politics.

Senator John McCain is going to be no friend of God. Senator McCain claims
to be a Christian but has never spoken of that moment when he gave his
heart and life to the Lord by faith. Actually, in the past, he has been
very critical of many Christian leaders, and has only embraced the Christian
community recently since he has no chance of winning without the Christian
vote. If elected, he is going to do nothing to take the Federal Government
out of the business of killing babies. He won't pursue a marriage amendment
to the U.S. Constitution. He has major support from the gambling lobby so
there is no way he will even try to curtail the proliferation of gambling in
this country. There is NOTHING to indicate Senator McCain will do anyhting
to deal with the pressing spiritual issues that face this nation.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is going to be no friend of God. He claims to
be a Christian, a claim I dispute and have carefully detailed in a video on
the homepage that has been viewed by millions. I was the
first Christian leader to go into the secular media over a year ago and
question his claim to being a Christian. The fact is, Senator Obama was
nothing but a political hack for the Daley machine in Chicago, the same time
I started my ministry in that great city. He was a "community organizer" on
the south side, better known in Chicago as a political street thug, at the
same time I was on the south side preaching in many of the same black
churches he was involved with. I first mentioned Barack Hussein Obama in
2006 in conjunction with his church for 20 yrs., the liberal Trinity United
Church of Christ, and his pastor, the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright who has
preached his perverted black liberation theology for 30 yrs.

Senator Obama has NEVER spoke of his salvation experience, only of his
church membership. The fact is, the only reason he even joined Trinity was
for political expediency. It was the church upwardly mobile blacks in
Chicago went to church. Much has been made of his alliances with
unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, jailed slumlord Tony
Resko, and other far-left radicals in Chicago. What most have missed is
that Senator Obama embraces this far-left radical ideology. This is
important to understand from a faith perspective, since you can't believe
this type of radical political ideology and the Christian faith. The two
are mutually exclusive. As I have made the case, his claim of faith has
been for political expedience, and not a personal relationship with the

How else can a man who claims to love Jesus, vote 100% of the time to
support the legalized slaughter of innocent babies? He makes the ridiculous
assertion that he wants to reduce the number of abortions, yet votes 100% of
the time to support this practice of legalized infanticide, even late-term
abortions where fully developed babies who are ready to be delivered have
their skulls crushed and lifeless bodies extracted from their mothers womb.
Senator Obama is also a hero in the homosexual community, fully supporting
their radical agenda his entire political career. Let me say this as clear
and concise as I possibly can. No person who claims to love the Lord could
EVER vote for a man who supports the legalized slaughter of babies and the
homosexual agenda. Let me go even further, if you have a pastor that
endorses a baby killer and an advocate of the homosexual agenda, you need to
run from that church.

It has made me sick to see high-profile Christians like TD Jakes, Paula
White, Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell who pastors the largest United Methodist
Church in the nation in Houston, Texas, and others, supporting Senator
Obama. It has made me sick to go on one talk show after another and
interact with callers who claim to be Christians, yet are supporting a man
for President who sees nothing wrong with killing innocent babies and
supporting the radical homosexual agenda. What a spiritually bankrupt
nation we live in when even those who claim to know Jesus, pastors who are
supposed to lead the flock, see nothing wrong with supporting a baby killer
and advocate of the agenda of sexual deviants! God help us!!!

During this campaign, Senator Obama has aggressively marketed his "Christian
faith" and gone after evangelical voters. He has sought to ignore his
support of killing babies and the gay agenda, and focus on social issues
like world hunger and AIDS in Africa, the mantra of the Christian left,
those who claim to be Christians yet compromise the Truth of the Bible.
Focusing on his social agenda, Senator Obama has tapped into Catholics and
Protestants, especially younger church goers who sadly attend churches
that have so watered down Biblical Truth, that they call themselves
Christians, yet deny the Truth of God's Word.

Of course, Senator Obama has also had the staunch support of those who hate
Christians and the Christian faith. The secular media, which loathes
Christians, has lost all journalistic integrity and is openly rooting for
and supporting Senator Obama's campaign. Even though he claims to be a
Christian, the media is not offended by Senator Obama's brand of
Christianity because he promotes this universalistic lie from hell that
everyone will go to Heaven (making faith in Jesus is meaningless), and
supports their liberal agenda like the legal killing babies and special
rights to homosexuals.

He has no real experience, no real accomplishments, a radical political
ideology, and major portions of his life are missing, yet the media doesn't
care because they have a Godless agenda that they see being fulfilled
through his winning the White House. The Judeo-Christian View ( ) is an exciting new online publication that
deals with many details you will never hear about in the mainstream media
regarding Senator Obama and his radical socialist political ideology. These
are views that make him clearly an enemy of God.

Let me share with you what the Holy Spirit has shown me. As hard as it is
to understand, it is God who allows men to rise to power. God allowed the
Caesars to rise to power during the time of Jesus and the first church. God
allowed Stalin to rise to power in Russia. God allowed Hitler to rise to
power in Germany. We will never fully understand why or His total purpose,
but those are the times we must trust God. If God allows Barack Hussein
Obama to rise to the Presidency, I see it as God taking His hand off of this
He will give us over to that "reprobate mind" spoken of in Romans
1:28, "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God
gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not

We are already seeing the rumblings of God's judgment on this nation through
the economy. All of the economic and political systems in the world can't solve the problems since
the problems are not of this world, they are spiritual. This nation and
world lives in rebellion to God and His Truth and the only hope, the only
answer, is to repent and turn back to God!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oprah loves Kindle

Although I'm not an Oprah fan, I am jazzed that she's endorsing Amazon's Kindle Reader.

Michelle Kerns writes, "When Oprah gives a thumbs-up to something--whether it's a food, a diet, a cause, or a book--it doesn't require a degree in business to figure out what will happen next: her millions of devoted fans will line up in droves to eat (or not eat, as the case may be) donate money to, read, or buy, her new interest.
And that is exactly what is expected to happen now that Oprah has officially endorsed Amazon's e- book reader, the Kindle, saying:

It's absolutely my new favorite, favorite thing in the world."

And though it's not a cheap gadget, the books cost less (than paper books) and paper is saved when you read "e." Read more about it in Michelle's column.

It sounds good to me, and I do love e-books, but I will never want to completely abandon printed books. They smell so good!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love Starts With Elle

Elle's living the dream-but is it her dream or his?

Elle loves life in Beaufort, South Carolina-lazy summer days on the sand bar, coastal bonfires, and dinners with friends sharing a lifetime of memories. And she's found her niche as the owner of a successful art gallery too. Life is good.

Then the dynamic pastor of her small town church sweeps her off her feet. She's never known a man like Jeremiah-one who breathes in confidence and exhales all doubt. When he proposes in the setting sunlight, Elle hands him her heart on a silver platter.

But Jeremiah's just accepted a large pastorate in a different state. If she's serious about their relationship, Elle will take "the call," too, leaving behind the people and place she loves so dearly. Elle's friendship with her new tenant, widower Heath McCord, and his young daughter make things even more complicated.

Is love transferrable across the miles? And can you take it with you when you go?

About Rachel: Rachel Hauck is the author of ten, going on eleven novels, and has recently become an "acclaimed" author. (Yeah, funny how that happened. Some dude found her lottery stub stuck to the bottom of his shoe and tried to "acclaim" her. But her husband refused to pay out.)

Since then, she's gone on to become a best selling author of Sweet Caroline.

Living in central Florida with her husband of sixteen and a half years, one sweet little dog and one ornery cat, Rachel is a graduate of Ohio State University and a huge Buckeye football fan. One day she hopes to stand on the sidelines next to Coach Tressel as a famed, acclaimed best selling OSU alumni, beloved for her work in literature and letters. (She's written at least a couple hundred letters in her life time.)

Her current release, Love Starts With Elle (July 2008, Thomas Nelson) is set in the South Carolina lowcountry, and earned 4.5 Stars and Top Pick from Romantic Times Book Club.

Look for her next release next spring, The Sweet By and By, the first book in the Born To Fly series with award winning country artist, Sara Evans.

Of the writing journey, Rachel says, "I'm humbled by the amazing things God is doing in my life. I love what I do, and am so privileged to work with Thomas Nelson fiction and am excited to see what God has in store for all of His authors and writers. Just keep praying and writing!"

Visit her blog and website at

Buy here!

win a copy of the book by leaving a comment on Rachel’s blog tour post, here

Follow the tour here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Fiction

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

A Beautiful Fall

David C. Cook (October 2008)


Chris Coppernoll


Chris Coppernoll is the founder of Soul2Soul Ministries, with his interviews with Christian artists airing weekly on 650 radio outlets in thirty countries. He has conducted hundreds of interviews on faith issues with personalities such as Amy Grant, Max Lucado, Michael W. Smith, and Kathie Lee Gifford. He also serves as a Deacon at The People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and is currently working toward a Masters in Ministry Leadership degree through Rockbridge Seminary.

His "Inspirations" column is published monthly in the mid Michigan newspaper, The Jackson Citizen Patriot.

Chris Coppernoll is the author of four other books including Soul2Soul, Secrets of a Faith Well Lived, and God's Calling. Providence, his first novel, is his fourth book.


High-powered Boston attorney Emma Madison is celebrating her latest courtroom victory when she gets a call from a number she doesn't recognize. Area code 803 home. Juneberry, South Carolina eight hundred miles, twelve years, and a lifetime away from Boston. Emma's father has had a serious heart attack. Emma rushes to his bedside, and a weekend trip threatens to become an extended stay. She has to work fast to arrange the affairs of his small-town law practice so she can return to her life and career in Boston.

And then Michael Evans shows up. They'd shared hopes, dreams, and a passionate love as young college students during a long-ago summer. But Emma walked away from Michael and from Juneberry to finish college and start a new life. Michael has never forgotten her.

Enveloped in the warmth of family and small-town life and discovering that she still cares for Michael Emma knows she'll have to make a choice between the career she's worked so hard to build and the love she left behind.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Beautiful Fall, go HERE

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Muse Conference

All this week I am giving a workshop with friend Loree Lough at the Muse Online Writer's Conference. Thanks to all who registered to attend our class. If you missed it this year, check the site later in the fall for details about the 2009 conference.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New fiction

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Hometown Favorite

Revell (September 1, 2008)


Bill Barton and Henry O. Arnold


Bill Barton is a business partner with Compass Technologies. An active member and volunteer at his church, Hendersonville Chapel, Barton is a regular speaker at services and other events. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with his family.

Henry O. Arnold has been a professional actor, writer, and director in theatre, film, and television. He co-wrote and produced the film The Second Chance starring Michael W. Smith and wrote the screenplay for the first authorized film documentary on evangelist Billy Graham, God's Ambassador. Arnold lives in Portland, Tennessee.


Talented, handsome, and personable, Dewayne Jobe rose from humble beginnings in rural Mississippi to play college football in Southern California and beyond. One of the best wide receivers in college ball, Dewayne is assured a promising career in professional football as one of those rare athletes whose exceptional abilities place him in a league of his own.

He easily finds success both on and off the field. Dewayne's got a beautiful, intelligent wife running his lucrative endorsement business and carrying his child and the pristine white picket fence to boot. The only thing lacking is a road sign confirming his address on Easy Street.

But catastrophe looms right around the corner and ultimately strikes with a crushing vengeance. Will Dewayne's faith and character stand the test of such tragedy? Or will he lose everything--including the love of his life?

This modern retelling of the story of Job will capture readers with the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people--and how good people can survive.

Combining realistic sports action and a deadly serious challenge to faith, Hometown Favorite is a story that won't let you up off the turf until the game clock hits zero.

If you'd like to read the first chapter of Hometown Favorite, go HERE

"An amazing story of betrayal, forgiveness, redemption and hope. The characters are vibrant and alive. Barton and Arnold have a rare and keen understanding of human nature, making the spiritual truths of this story both profound and compelling."

~Michael W. Smith, recording artist

"Like a close game and a score that just won’t turn around, Dewayne’s true fans and Hometown Favorite readers will appreciate the daunting odds fate doles out and this story’s hard-won outcome."

~Darnell Arnoult, author of Sufficient Grace

Monday, October 06, 2008

Vote For Jesus

From, on voting--

Who are you going to vote for? Even though Jesus never ran for political
office, he was involved in one election during his life. It was actually an
election where the winner would be allowed to live and the loser would
literally be killed. It is clear that Pontius Pilate who ruled Jerusalem for
Rome during the day of Jesus had no desire to put Jesus to death as the
Jewish leaders wanted him to do. As a way of escape, Pilate used a custom at
the time of the Passover where one prisoner would be pardoned for his crime
and released.

Pilate brought before the people a criminal by the name of Barabbas. Most
likely, Barabbas was not a common thief, but a violent political
revolutionary. Next to Barabbas was Jesus. Pilate then asked the crowd to
vote. Vote for the one he should have mercy on and release. I have no doubt
Pilate expected the crowd to choose Jesus. The votes were cast and the
winner by a landslide was Barabbas!

Afterwards, Pilate called on the Jewish custom of washing his hands,
signifying that he was not responsible for condemning Jesus to death. The
fact was, Pilate knew Jesus did not deserve death. He was warned by his
sense of justice, he was warned by his conscience, and he had been warned by
the dream of his troubled wife. But he did not have the guts to stand up
against the Jewish leaders of the day, nor did he have the guts to stand up
to the people that had chosen Barabbas.

Let me share this with you my friend. Washing your hands my be a nice
symbolic act, but the one thing you can never rid yourself of is
responsibility! Nobody, no act can take that away. Pilate is actually a very
pathetic person, not one to be loathed but rather pitied for not having the
guts to stand up for what he knew was right. I want to challenge you today.
In your life, you are called from time to time to take a stand for
righteousness. Often, that stand may not be popular. You may suffer
personally for taking that stand. But never forget, it is God, not man, who
you have to please. It is God, not man who will ultimately judge you.

A good question to ask is why did that crowd vote for Barabbas over Jesus?
Why did they vote for a man of violence over a man of peace? Why did they
vote for someone who had clearly chosen a life of rebellion to God over
someone who had chosen a life of obedience to God? People have not changed
since the Garden of Eden. They chose Barabbas over Jesus for the very same
reason they would choose Barabbas (or Obama or McCain) over Jesus today!!!

Jesus believed God's Word to be inspired, inerrant, representing absolute
truth and our final authority in all matters. Most people reject the Bible
since it is the truth of God's Word that condemns them. Jesus called sin
what it is, sin. Most people love their sin more than they love God. When
confronting the people of His day with their sin, some repented, others
mocked and rejected Him, and still others sought to silence Him. Most people
today when confronted with their sin mock and reject Christ or do all they
can to silence the truth of His message.

*It is not surprising that when asked to vote, the people voted for Barabbas
over Jesus in a landslide. If that same vote would be held today, the result
would be the same.

Even though Jesus is not on the ballot, how can YOU vote for Jesus? You cast
your vote for Jesus each morning as you get up, die to self, and surrender
afresh your life to the Lord. You cast your vote for Jesus when you spend
that time each day in prayer and in His Word. You cast your vote for Jesus
as you share His hope and love with those God brings into your life each
day. You cast your vote for Jesus when you stand for Him despite what the
world may say.

We did not get to vote when the people chose Barabbas over Jesus. We will
never get an opportunity to vote for Jesus to be President. However, you can
still vote for Jesus every day through how you live your life!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I've Been Book-Tagged

I’ve been tagged by Christine Duncan to tell six book related things about myself.

1. I love the smell of new books.

2. I compiled Words to Write By, which Christine contributed to.

3. I loved Nancy Drew books as a child, and also the Encyclopedia Brown series. I loved all mysteries and later horror novels, and now I don't like any of them.

4. I love to read at the driving range while my husband practices golf.

5. I have several translations of the Bible at home, but prefer to read it online.

6. I have a bunch of older romance novels I save for "comfort reads," to re-read when I need a boost.

Okay, who to tag, who to tag?

Cecelia Dowdy

Loree Lough
Curtiss Ann Matlock
Janet Elaine Smith

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Fiction

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

It's Not About Me

Sheaf House Publishers (September 1, 2008)


Michelle Sutton


Michelle Sutton has lived in Arizona and since 1991 and has two sons and a husband of 18 years. She began writing fiction in August 2003 when God inspired her to write a novel with realistic characters that would glorify Him. In 2004 she joined ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers. In 2006 Michelle ran for Volunteer Officer on the ACFW Operating board and ACFW members elected her to serve a two year term. She sold her first manuscript Then Sings My Soul (now re-titled It's Not About Me) to Sheaf House and her debut novel was released in Sept. 2008. The second book in the Second Glances series - It's Not About Him - will be released the following fall (Sept. 2009.)

Last, Michelle is Editor in Chief of the new Christian Fiction Online Magazine. The debut issue released in July 2008. The magazine is sponsored by the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance.


Annie has it all. She's attractive, graduated with honors, was accepted at the college of her choice, has supportive parents, good friends, and a steady boyfriend who loves her. One night an unexpected visitor appears and Annie's safe world is destroyed by a brutal attack. As she tries to pick up the pieces of her broken life, she is torn between two brothers, both of whom claim to love her. She is attracted to both, but which one does she love? How can she choose when her decision may cause a permanent rift between them? And more important, will she give her heart to the One who will sustain her even when human love fails.

"...the exquisitely written spiritual content shows the reader that redemption is available, no matter what the circumstances."
- 4 Stars, Romantic Times!

Instead of dealing with timely issues like alcoholism, premarital sex and pornography in a preachy, oh-so-tired fashion, Michelle Sutton's It's Not About Me gets to the heart of the matter with a shocking dose of realism and poignant storytelling. From the first paragraph, Sutton weaves together a thoroughly entertaining story that'll keep readers intrigued for the long haul as they get to know Annie, Dan, Tony and Susie—young adults that probably don't look and sound all that different from themselves. Now that's a seriously refreshing turn for Christian fiction."
~Christa Ann Banister~, author of Around the World in 80 Dates, (NavPress 2007) and Blessed are the Meddlers (NavPress 2008)

It's Not About Me is a wonderfully entertaining and deliciously suspenseful read that will keep you turning the pages. Sutton doesn't back away from the drama and with all of the twists and turns, It's Not About Me is hard to put down. I cannot wait for the sequel! Bravo!"
~Victoria Christopher Murray~, Essence best-selling author of multiple titles including The Ex Files and the upcoming YA series The Divine Divas

“Annie captured my heart on the first page and kept me enthralled to the very end. This edgy, yet surprisingly poignant story travels the inroads of intimate relationships – man to woman, brother to brother, parent to child, friend to friend. But especially satisfying is the author’s delicate handling of the relationship between a searching soul and the loving Savior who alone possesses the power to work all things out for the good. A terrific debut for Michelle Sutton. I can’t wait to read more from this talented author!”
~Virginia Smith~, author of Just As I Am and Sincerely, Mayla

"Michelle Sutton's gritty writing style will very likely go straight to the hearts of teens, addressing what they deal with every day in what is all too often grim reality for our youth. Sutton is no doubt a refreshing and much needed voice in today's YA fiction."
~Tina Ann Forkner~, Author of Ruby Among Us
Waterbrook Press/Random House

If you would like to read the Prologue and first Chapter of It's Not About Me, go HERE