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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Man Behind The Words

The Man Behind the Words is author/speaker Cecil Murphy.

One of my favorite books by Cec is one he wrote with Don Piper--90 Minutes in Heaven.

Don Piper recounts the dramatic story of his ninety-minute journey to heaven. When a truck crushed his Ford Escort in a head-on collision, he was declared dead on scene. But a passing minister sensed that God wanted him to pray, so he reached through the wreckage to clasp Piper's bloody hand while he did so. Piper's incredulous voice speaks of what he believes he saw: heaven's luminous gates through which he could see streets paved with gold, as well as relatives and loved ones who surrounded him yet wouldn't let him pass through because it wasn't his time. This incredible story is one of faith and inspiration.

I'm actually going to have to buy another copy, since the one I loaned out never came back.

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