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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Book Give-Away!

I have a copy of one of my summer reading novels to giveaway! Just leave a comment about what you did this summer and your email address (you can use the word "AT" instead of the symbol) I can only ship in the continental US.



especially when people expect you to be perfect.

Jennifer, who volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center, has waited years for a baby. Why is it so easy for girls like Jessica to get pregnant -- and so hard for her? Is it possible to want a baby too much?

Lisa's teenage daughter, Callie, is giving her the silent treatment. And her attitude at church -- when she goes -- majorly stinks. The board already criticizes her husband's ministry. What will they say now?

Mimi is overwhelmed. Baby Milo cries continually until she's so tired she can't see straight. Will anybody ever see her for her -- not just as a mom and a house slave?

Felicia's four-year-old, Nicholas, is biting people again. And the timing couldn't be worse...especially when Felicia's boss is about to close her Cincinnati PR office.

Then there's the snobby Katherine Katt, who's determined to lord it over them all....


Mimi thought of her kids -- especially her second child, MJ. If she instituted a naughty corner, he'd basically end up living there. She could set up a small cot and etch the words MJ's Naughty Corner right into the wall. "If we could only have a naughty corner for ornery church members..." Jennifer said with a mischievous smile. -- Mimi

"Sometimes I look at my family and at the ministry and wonder if the sacrifice is too great. We're doing all this for God's kingdom...but, in the process, losing our daughter. Is it worth it? Is this really what God had in mind? I don't know." -- Lisa

"You listen to me, Kitty. If you tell Sam that secret, I'll tell Norm your secret!" -- Jennifer

"Hey, how tough can being a stay-at-home mom be, really? I ran a public relations office; I'm used to challenges. This should be a piece of cake." -- Felicia


Ruby (Mouth) said...

This sounds like such a cute book. Let's see....We went on a road trip through the Oklahoma Panhandle and up to Pike's peak in Colorado. I took care of my kids and tried to keep cool. A hard thing when it's 100 degrees outside. LOL!

Thnks for the great giveaway.


Emily M. Akin said...

I'm interested in reading your book and posting a review on my blog, and also on Amazon, if that't an option. E-mail me for mailing address if I'm the lucky winner, akinemily(a)

The Voice said...

I love the title of the book and can't wait to read.
I did the home-based childcare thing all summer. Fried keeping the yard up, helped my last home-schooled daughter prepare for her freshman year in college-she's sixteen and entered a lot of short story writing contests. In other words....not much.

Robin Bayne said...

You are all 3 winners! Check your email for info : )

Carole said...

My daughter is preparing to leave for Germany to lead a campus ministry, so helping her prepare for this calling has been my whole summer. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks for this giveaway. It looks like a good cozy mystery.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net