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Friday, May 23, 2008


This is another excerpt from's Daily Devotional--the original piece is about the problems with the movie and tv show "Sex and the City."

I found the following points very interesting as they relate to writing inspirational romance. Things I might consider the next time I outline a story. What do you think?

Relationships between a man and a woman are NOT a game! They are a serious,
life-changing business. I want to share with you my BIG THREE for starting
any relationship. Please understand, that by meeting these BIG THREE, it
does not insure you will have a successful relationship, or that it is God's
plan for your life. However, I can guarantee you that if these BIG THREE
don't exist, there is no chance that this is part of God's plan for your

Number one, is the person you want to enter into a relationship with saved?
I have to tell you that a large percentage of the emails I get from men and
women with relationship problems, are because they have ignored this warning
and entered into a relationship with someone who was not also a Believer. It
simply does not work. God knows that, and that is why He put that warning
about not being unequally yoked so clear in His Word.

Number two, if the person is saved, do you see evidence of their
relationship with Christ in their day-to-day life. Good works can't save
you, but anyone who is truly saved should have good works flow from their
life. One of the best verses in the Bible is that "you will know a tree by
the fruit it bears." What that is basically saying is that if you profess to
have a relationship with Christ, it should be evident in your day-to-day
life. Anyone who is truly saved should have the evidence of their salvation
visible in how they live.

Number three, is building a spiritual foundation to your relationship. The
sad fact is most couples build a foundation together based on their looks,
sadly in many cases on sex, based on many things other than their faith. If
you can't build a real spiritual foundation to your relationship, then that
relationship will have little chance of standing the test of time. You build
it by praying together, reading the Word together, worshiping together, and
finding ways to serve the Lord together. These are ways to build that
spiritual foundation to your relationship that can carry you through the
most difficult times all relationships experience.

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