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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kristy Dykes Day!!

Thanks so much for joining us!

Many of you know our fellow author Kristy Dykes, who is now battling an
awful disease and yet remains an inspiration to us all. Kristy had submitted the devotional below to an anthology I was compiling
that was never published. The editor who requested the collection changed
her mind, and it hasn't sold elsewhere. But I can't let the opportunity pass
to share one of Kristy's anecdotes. Please join me, add your own comment or
related story, and I will forward all the responses to Kristy's husband to
read to her. Feel free to be mushy! And if you haven't yet visited Kristy's blog, please take a few moments to read her and her family's inspiring posts.

I have several ARCs (various authors) to offer as prizes to those who participate. And my good friend and author Lauralee Bliss has a surprise for yet another responder!

(books can only be shipped in the US, but foreign posters can win e-books! Please leave your email address in your message--put "at" instead of the "@" sign)

The Spat

By Kristy Dykes

"Do not repay anyone evil for evil…overcome evil with good. " Romans 12:17, 21

It was a warm, lazy afternoon, and with her sister away for the day, my ten-year-old daughter Julie was bored. She called her friend Ashley and asked if she'd like to play. They talked about where they'd play—our house or Ashley's. "Why don't we play at your house?" Julie said. "We can swing on your rope swing." A long pause ensued, and then, as if in a daze, she hung up the phone.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked

"Ashley went to ask her mother, and then Mrs. Townsend got on the phone. She was so mean, Mom." Tears came to her eyes. "She said it was bad manners to call and invite yourself to someone's house and that I should be ashamed of my rude behavior. And she's been like that before."

I couldn't understand how an adult could talk so gruffly to a child with no concern for tender feelings. And besides that, it was unwarranted. The two girls had played at each other's houses many times. "Just don't call their house for awhile if that's the way Mrs. Townsend's going to act," I snapped.

Several weeks later, a very angry Mrs. Townsend called. She said Julie had spread it all over the neighborhood that she had cursed at Julie. "I have never done anything like that." She proceeded with her tirade, demanding I straighten this out. When I hung up, I asked Julie about it. She said she told one of the neighborhood girls about the incident but never said Mrs. Townsend had used profanity. I called Mrs. Townsend back and told her it must be a case of childhood gossip. I apologized, but it didn't seem to satisfy her.

The next day, as I was mulling over the incident, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind a passage in Romans. "Do not repay anyone evil for evil…overcome evil with good."

Overcome evil with good? At that moment, God planted an idea in my heart. That afternoon, I picked up my daughters from school and headed for the florist. They were full of questions, and I explained about the scripture and how it had spoken to me. At the florist, I ordered a bouquet. The florist asked if the recipient was sick. I told her no, that the reason I was sending the flowers was because of a childish misunderstanding. Then I quoted the verse. "What a refreshing change from what one usually hears," she said, amazement in her eyes. "This is wonderful."

On the card, I wrote, We are very sorry about the misunderstanding. Please accept this as a token of our friendship.

Two days later, I received a glowing letter from Mrs. Townsend expressing her apology and how impressed she was with our gesture of kindness.

The story doesn't end there. Two years later, we found out we were moving. Mrs. Townsend—of all people--threw a surprise party for Julie at the country club and invited 25 of her friends! And she wrote a beautiful letter to Julie that accompanied a generous gift. Julie, you have been a positive influence for the youth in our town, and we will miss you greatly.

When you overcome evil with good, good things happen!


Anonymous said...

How great for you to have a tribute to Kristy on your website! I have been following Kristy's blog since November when she was first diagnosed.

This article of Kristy's that you posted sounds like the kind and loving person that Kristy is!
Responding with the lovely gesture of flowers is something that would come natural to her. Even though I have never met Kristy, her brother Terry and his wife Sandra, is a former pastor of mine - when they lived in Alabama.

The Dykes family has had a special ministry through their blog. They will probably never realize the extent of their far-reaching testimony to thousands they will never meet - but have ministered to through the blog during their very difficult journey.

I continue to pray daily for healing for Kristy and peace for her family! They are truly living the inspirational life of Christians!


tammy/kansas said...

I can honestly say that I would have done the evil vs. evil. When your child has been hurt or you have been want to strike back. Kristy's attitude is so refreshing and a blessing to her family. I pray my daughter raises her family with this same type of attitude and christian love that Kristy has done. She sounds like such a blessing for her family. I will be keeping Kristy and her family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this with me.


Donna J. Shepherd said...

What a great friend you are, Robin! I have prayed for Kristy already today.

Love the story. I would have probably reacted angrily - moms have a tendency to do that when one of her kids get hurt, but obeying a prompting from the Holy Spirit brought peace back to the situation, and allowed Kristy to show God's love - the most important act of all.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for honoring Kristy today and sharing this inspiring article. That's just like Kristy. She has been a great example of someone who listens to the Lord and lives out her faith daily. It's easy to see why she is now surrounded by loved ones and friends who hold her so dear, and that people around the world want to pray for her.

Kristy has been a mentor and encouraging friend to me. She invited me to a partner with her for the anthology Wedded Bliss, and that open the door for me to become a published author. We also partnered in Kiss the Bride, and she continued to help me strengthen my writing. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer, she called and wanted to connect me with another writer for a project she was not going to be able to do. That's just like Kristy.

I've also appreciated her example of partnership in ministry with her husband. My husband is also a pastor, so we share that in common. Her thoughts on love and marriage have continued to help me love and treasure my husband as we seek to serve the Lord together.

Kristy shines as an example of woman who loves and trusts God! I am so thankful to know her and to pray for her as she continues on this journey.

carrie (at) turansky(dot) com

Inspire said...

Wonderful post. It's a great example of God's love put into practice.

Anonymous said...

It has been my pleasure and a great blessing to know Kristy since we met at dinner several years ago hosted by one of our publishers. She is a strong Christian, and I am praying for her healing.
"With God, all things are possible."
Muncy Chapman

milton dykes said...

Robin: How sweet to remember Kristy. I remember when this story happened.

I can tell you that Kristy lived this story over and over through the years. She always strives to lift up Jesus and point people the right way.

May God bless you for remembering her.

Milton for Kristy

Ann Dunagan said...

Dear Kristy,

I spent some time praying for you and your family today. Your article is beautiful - not only well-written and touching, but a powerful example of love in action.

I pray that the Lord would FLOOD you with His peace and inexplainable joy and confidence and trust, and that he would surround you with your loved ones -- like a circle of grasped hands united in prayer and worship.

God bless you!

JoAnn said...

Dear Kristy,
Robin metioned she wanted to honor a friend today, so now knowing what to expect, I hopped over here to this link and read your post.

Thank you for sharing your story. I needed the reminder that sometimes our actions and choices we make leave a huge impact not only on those around us but also upon the lives of our children.

Your story was just one example of this. What a blessing it was to me.


LaShaunda said...


This was a thoughtful idea to share Kristy words. The scripture spoke to my heart. I had to learn this the hard way and I'm so greatful that I can say I didn't pay evil for evil. I let God handle it.

I don't know Kristy personally, but I've been reading her post and I admire her and her families courage in this difficult time. They have peace something we all can learn to have during storms. They have shown me how to be a true Christian. I continue to pray for Kristy's healing and I'm thankful for her family sharing on her blog.

God bless you and the Dykes family.

Denise Patrick said...

Cindy, thanks for inviting us to share in Kristy's story. I have been on and off reading her blog ever since you pointed to it some time ago. I have prayed for God to heal her, but if it is not to be so that she and her family will glorify Him in their response to this terrible tragedy. And they have - her blog is a blessing and so is yours.

Thanks for posting this story. It's a wonderful reminder of what God expects from us all.

Mrs. C said...

I followed the breadcrumbs to this site. First from Lauralee Bliss' comment on Shoutlife, and then to Robin's blog. I am so glad I did.

Kristy, you are truly an inspiration. I read that Romans scripture and thought of the times I've tried to apply it. Your example related so easily to my life that I felt I could substitute names and tell it as my own.

What an incredible example your daughters saw in you as you ordered those flowers. Too often I try to do the right thing but don't involve my daughter in the process enough.

I pray that God gives you an incredible measure of comfort and peace today. May your worries be absent and your blessings flow like water across a rippling brook.

~You inspire me~

Mary Ellen Courville

Anonymous said...

This is great. It touched my heart. Something I have learned is that you never know on the outside what kind of a day that someone is having and by doing a kind gester or even just a smile can help boost a person's day. What you see on the outside might not be how that person is on the inside. Outside....they might look mean....but in the inside they have the biggest heart you will ever see. It just takes someone to reach out to them to bring that big heart out! God Bless you in all that you do!

Michelle Baker

Pam Meyers said...

Wonderful example and so like Kristy. Life is full of examples and object lessions when you are listening for God's voice as Kristy has done most of her life.

Thanks Robin for sharing this devo with us.

Anonymous said...

Good practical way to repay evil w/ good. Also along the line of, 'a gentle answer turns away wrath' These things are so against our human nature yet God knows best and how beneficial and healing are His commands!


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Hi, Robin!

What strong words of wisdom! Thanks for posting that! It'll remind me how to react to others when I'm in a similiar situation.

Donna B said...

What a great story. It reminded me of something that happened a few years ago, when my son was in his early teens. We were at the supermarket, and the woman in line ahead of us was having a rough day. Her baby was crying and the woman had reached her limit. So, she took out her bad mood on the checkout clerk. My son out of the blue went up to the woman and said, You're lucky, that's a great kid you've got, but I think you need a hug. This perfect stranger, who seconds prior was in a foul mood, got teary eyed and hugged my son back. When the woman left the checkout clerk, came out from behind her counter and gave my son a hug. Just a simple hug, what a difference it made. Facing evil with goodness, it the right way to go.

Laura Davis said...

Thank you for showing us all how to act or should I say react when we are faced with misunderstandings, or grumpy people. God Bless you!


Photo Buffet said...

Robin, I'm so glad you posted this devotional by Kristy. It speaks volumes, doesn't it? It's natural to want to push back when we're misunderstood--or when our kids are falsely accused of something--but look at what a lasting impression this one act of kindness and forgiveness made on that woman. Kristy's daughter will remember it always, too.

I once heard it said that "more is caught than taught." I believe it, and Kristy is proof.

AndreaTM said...

It's funny how we always remember the scriptures we use to accuse and condemn others, yet conveniently forget the scriptures that should be the focus of our lives. Thank you -- I'm going to need that particular one in about an hour.

R.E. said...

I only heard of Kristy's story a few weeks ago, but I have been so moved by the blog. Her family and friends are very special people, too. Any one of those blog posts shows us what it really means to seek first the kingdom of God. When I hear about Kristy struggling in confusion, but then beginning to sing a hymn that leads her out of a troubled state and into a calm one... well, there's just nothing to add to that except to thank her for how her life rains blessings on those around her.

I have some good friends whose mother is going through the same illness on almost the exact same timeline. I just forwarded them a link to the blog in the hope that it will be encouraging or comforting to them.

Keeping all you - Kristy, her family, and her friends - in my prayers,


Karen said...

I loved this story. Wish I had thought of this when a difficult situation arose with a woman whose children I picked up from school due to a disagreement among our kids.

Kristy must indeed be a special lady. I pray God will heal her and encourage her and her family.

Shirley Corder said...

This is a great idea, to give us an opportunity to respond to Kristy through your blog.
A friend told me some time ago about Kristy's blog. As a cancer survivor, I didn't want to go there. I thought it would raise emotions I didn't want to think about.
As a result of your Kristy Dykes Day, I went to Kristy's blog, and have read posts from way back. What a blessing.
Kristy, you and your family may never know what a ministry this blog is. From now on I will point people to this site, not as a place where they will be depressed, but somewhere to be uplifted.
Bless you Kristy and family.
I'm praying for you here in South Africa.
(Shirley Corder

Jess said...

Robin, what a wonderful tribute to Kristy. I remember my first ACFW conference in Houston. I was sitting alone in the atrium of the hotel and Kristy was the first person to approach me and make me feel welcome. That meant so much. Over the years, she's given me much encouragement.

What a great devo. I've often acted like an old mother lion when it comes to my children--ready to claw and stratch to protect.

I go to Kristy's blog now and then. Can't read much because I end up in tears. All I can say is Praise God from whom all blessings flow... and Kristy is such a blessing to me.

Penelope Marzec said...


Wonderful story of faith in action!

So glad you could share Kristy's story with everyone.

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments everyone! Will be announcing the winners shortly.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog--loved the story and the message was one I really needed right now! Thanks for sharing it; keep up the good work!