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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vision & Motivation

Excerpt from's Daily Devotional--great for writers : )

The Bible tells us that the people perish "where there is no vision". What
God needs in these last days, more than ever, is a people sold out to Him,
not afraid to dream big dreams and have total faith in Him. Every day people
die and will be forever separated from God because they do not know Christ
as their Savior. Every day people all over the world are dealing with the
trials and tribulations of everyday life, hurting, without hope because they
do not know Jesus. God has called us to be the light to this dark world. We
must allow Him to use our lives to be that light in the midst of the
darkness so many live in. That is what He asks me to do each day, and what
He asks you to do each day. As we are faithful over a little, "He makes us
ruler over much". He will use our lives to whatever degree we allow Him to
use us.

Our motivation is critical. The Bible teaches in many places that we are to
set our desires on the things of heaven, not on earth. You can spend your
entire life trying to be the best athlete, the best businessman. the most
successful actress, the recording artist who sells the most records, the top
military man in your country, a scientist who makes many wonderful
discoveries, or the best at whatever profession you want to name, and you
may succeed. But unless you were doing it for the Lord, allowing the Lord to
use your success to bring His message of hope and love through Christ to
many people, the best you can hope for is a paragraph in the history books
that one day will no longer cease to exist. That means your lifetime
accomplishments are temporal at best. That is why when our motivation is
Heaven-bound, the accomplishments have an eternal significance in the
changed hearts and lives of people.

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