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Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Writing Gifts

Bill Keller on using our gifts for God--

One of the great things about God is how HE has given gifts and talents to
His children. Each one of us is unique. To one He may give the gift of
music, yet to another the gift of helps. To one He may give the gift of
science, yet to another the gift of athleticism. To one He may give the gift
of compassion, yet to another the gift of evangelism. ALL good and perfect
gifts come from God! YOUR special gifts and talents come from God.

The purpose of your gifts, of your talents, is to better serve and glorify
God with your life. God does not give us gifts and talents to hide them, to
hoard them, but to USE THEM for HIS GLORY! Sadly, many of those God has
gifted have sold their gifts to "the world" for fame and fortune. This is a
trap that many of God's most gifted people fall into. In the end, they sadly
realize that they sold their soul to the devil himself for a little
adulation and a few dollars which have little meaning in the big picture of

Even though you may never be famous by the world's
standards, the ONLY one that it is important to impress is HIM. HE is
impressed when you take the gifts and talents that He has given to you and
use them to bring honor and glory to HIS name. I pray today that you not
only identify your gifts and talents, but use them to honor and glorify God.
In the end, HE is the ONLY ONE that you must please!

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