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Thursday, January 03, 2008

God is Calling

Excerpt from's Daily devo-- writers, pay attention!

So exactly what is God calling you to do? Many think serving God means
selling everything you have and going to live in some far off jungle. While
God does burden many people to serve Him in a missionary capacity, most
people God calls to serve Him right where they are at in their life. Don't
think for a second that it is an accident or coincidence you go to school
where you do or that you work where you do. It is God who opened those doors
and has placed you for this season of your life right where He wants you to


Never forget that your greatest witness for the Lord will always be how you
live your life before others each day. People do notice. Also, the greatest
thing you can share with someone, after how they can be saved, is what Jesus
has done in your life. You are a living testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ!
God has you at the school you go to, at the job you work at, living where
you do, meeting people in the course of your daily activities, for a reason
and purpose. Especially today where the better part of two full generations
don't go to church, you are the only Bible they will ever read and the only
contact with Christ they will ever have.


However, there are some of you reading this today that God IS calling to a
new level of commitment and service, and you know exactly who you are. God
is speaking to you clearly through this message today. He is telling you
that now is the time to step out in faith and trust Him. He has given you a
special burden to serve Him and wants you to trust Him today. This word is
simply His confirmation of what He has already been talking to you about.
The fear and doubt you have are coming from satan. Now is the time to step
out in faith, trust Him, and do with your life what you know God is calling
you to do.

In closing, I again want to speak directly to those of you who have been
struggling with God's calling on your life. For most, you are right where He
wants you to be for this season. Keep being the salt of the earth, the light
to this world in your school and in your workplace. But for some of you, God
is calling you to step out in faith and fully and unconditionally surrender
your life to Him today. He wants to use you in a special way in serving His

My counsel to you is this. Be honored God wants to use you. We get a few
opportunities along our journey to do something great with our life. Not in
the way the world judges greatness, but in the way God judges greatness.
There is nothing greater you can do with your life than to serve the Lord.
Step out in faith and trust the Lord to guide you and meet your every need,
as you answer His call to service. God is calling you to make a difference
with your life NOW!!!

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