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Thursday, November 15, 2007

We All Touch Lives

This excerpt from's Daily Devotional really calls out to writers who feel they have a tiny audience, or who may be unpublished and concerned about it.

Apart from our universal purpose to serve and glorify the Lord with our
lives, God calls each of us to do that in unique ways. He gives each of us
special gifts and talents in order to be able to serve Him in the specific
area He calls us to serve. Most people understand their universal purpose in
life is to serve God, but are not very clear what God is specifically
calling them to do with their life. This is another area where your daily,
intimate, personal walk with the Lord becomes so important.

In serving God, don't be misled that this means doing something on a grand
scale or what the world would notice because it was something so visible and
affecting so many people. I would guess that 99.9% of the people who have
served the Lord over the ages were people whose name the world never knew.
Most people know who Paul is, and Billy Graham, and many of the world-renown
men and women of God who have made an impact on millions with their lives.
But in the eyes of God, the faithful service of someone carrying groceries
to a poor family, someone using their gift of music in their local church,
someone visiting those in the prisons and nursing homes, someone who holds a
Bible study at their job, someone who passes out tracts, is just as
important as someone whose name is known by the masses.

You don't need to stand in a pulpit and preach to thousands, or write books
read by millions, or reach nations on TV or radio, or operate an
Internet./TV ministry reaching millions of people worldwide daily to serve
the Lord. We are ALL called to serve the Lord, each in our own special and
unique way, and nobody's service is more important than someone else's. What
IS important is that we are faithful and obedient to serve the Lord to the
best of our ability. Never forget, it is our heart that God sees and is
concerned about.

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