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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Writers and Depression

Ever felt depressed? Seems a lot of writers do, both Christian and non. Read more here--my new column for Spirit Led Writer is up.

Writers seem to live in states of anticipation and dejection, interspersed with small moments of happiness. It's the whole submit, rejection or acceptance cycle the publishing world casts on us—and we accept—as we don the title "writer." A related factor is that writing is a solitary pursuit.

It's normal to be down for a day or two after a rejection or a hard-drive crash, but what about the writers who don't seem to bounce back? Who lose their creative edge? Who just want to sleep?

There are many aspects of mental health, but I want to focus on depression because it is so common and seems to affect so many of us.

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chrisd said...

This was a practical, helpful post. Good for you for addressing it!