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Friday, September 14, 2007


Thanks to Lauren Green who wrote this response to comedienne Kathy Griffin's recent award-acceptance speech.

And, had this to say (excerpt)

Even if you have never heard of Kathy Griffin, the fact is she is a very
high-profile member of the entertainment community. She is not some
obscure, unknown person, but has an Emmy award winning television program.
To simply dismiss her as another God-hating member of the Hollywood
community is too easy. Let me start with a big picture observation, one
that I have been sharing with you for over 8 years now. We live in a world
where the majority of the people reject the God of the Bible, thoroughly
reject Biblical Truth, and live their lives without Christ in their hearts.
The Bible calls us a "peculiar people," and to most of the world we are
extremely peculiar and in many cases hated. They hate us because we remind
them of their sin. They have made the conscious choice to live their lives
apart from Christ and in rebellion to the Truth of His Word, and those who
embrace the Lord and His Truth are seen as the enemy.

Those who choose to live in rebellion to God and His Word are always on the
offensive, marketing their rebellion to the masses, finding great comfort
and strength in others who have also chosen to live their lives in rebellion
to God. They are loud, bold, aggressive, and use all of the modern tools of
communication to reach the masses 24/7 with their lies. Because we have the
better percentage of two full generations out there who have never been to
church, have no foundation of Biblical faith in their life, the lost masses
have become easy prey for these tools of satan who propagate a lifestyle of
rebellion to God, rejecting Christ's love and the Absolute Truth of the

People of Faith don't have the stomach to stand up to these bullies and
usually back down, leaving them to propagate their lies to the masses
unopposed. I have told you so often, the only way God doesn't win is when
you don't put Him in the game. All of the abusive language, the
name-calling, the mocking, can't put one dent in the Truth, doesn't mean for
a second God doesn't exist, and never changes the fact that each person will
die one day and at that moment the only thing that will matter is do you
know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!

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