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Friday, August 17, 2007

No Place Like Home

My "day job" is in the mortgage industry, a field I've been in for more than twenty years now. I've seen loan officers and mortgage brokers make bad decisions over the years, many based on greed, and it looks like a lot of folks are in trouble now because of these decisions. In light of all the mortgage woes, I am posting an excerpt from's devotional of a few days ago--reminding us of the importance of home.

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A prayer and blessing on the place you live. At the end of the classic
movie the "Wizard of Oz," Dorothy uttered those now famous words, "There is
no place like home, there is no place like home." How right she was. Where
we live serves as the basic foundation for our daily life. Home is where
our day usually begins and ends. It is the place we can go to escape from
the world and find peace and rest. The incredible importance of where a
person calls home is the same in the United States as it is in Canada, in
Europe, in Asia, in South America, in Africa, or anywhere else in the world.
Our home is a major part of most people's journey through this life and why
today I want to talk about the spiritual aspects of where you live, as well
as pray for and bless your home!

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make
during your life. For most, it will be the largest purchase they will make.
I find it amazing that the vast majority of people, even Christians, never
even pray when looking for their home. Where we live is such an important
part of our daily life, you should never go looking for a new place to live
without spending time before the Lord, asking Him to guide you to the exact
place He wants you to live. Like everything in life, we should only want to
be where God wants us to be, and that most definitely includes the place we
call home.

In addition to praying when you are looking for a new home, you should pray
for the place you live every day. Your home is a physical structure. No
matter how solid it is built, it is still only temporary. Since your home
is so important to your daily life, you need pray every day for God to
protect your home. There are so many things that can literally destroy the
place you live. Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and
other acts of nature can destroy your home. We see in the news often where
cars, trucks and even planes crash into people's homes. You can also have
problems with different materials used in building your home that causes
problems, not to mention insects and animals that can damage your home.
There is an endless list of things that can happen to physically destroy the
place you live, so you should pray every day for God's protection on your

You should also pray over your home every day. Pray that it will be a place
of safety for you and your family. With the incredible amount of evil in
this world, you have people who will try to break in to steal your
possessions as well as those who want to come to cause you or your family
physical harm. Pray every day for God to not only protect your home from
evil, but that your home will be a refuge, a place of safety and comfort and
peace for you and your family to live

Your home should not only be a place of safety, of comfort, of peace, of
rest, where you and your family live, but your home should also be a place
where the Sprit of God resides! It should be a place where the Truth of the
Bible is honored and where Jesus is King! I counsel people all the time to
find a location in their home that literally becomes your altar, your
sanctuary, that special place where you go to spend time with the Lord. It
doesn't have to be elaborate, simply some location in your home that is set
aside for prayer, family devotions, and just fellowshipping with the Lord.
I promise you, that it will quickly become the most special place in your

Also, I am amused at how many people have elaborate, state-of-the-art
security systems to protect their home and family from burglars and things
that can destroy your home like fire, but those same people pollute their
home with porn, witchcraft, and so many other things that are in complete
rebellion to God. How can you ask God to bless your home while you have a
stash of pornographic magazines and movies in your closet? How can you ask
God to protect your home from danger when have a Ouiji Board and tarot cards
in your dresser drawer? You need to take control over what comes into your
home both through the doors as well as today thru your phone, internet,
cable, and satellite connections.

My friend, your home is the place you and your family live your lives. It
is a very special place. A home is not a real home without the Lord's
presence. Just like your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are
instructed not to pollute our temples, the same is true with our home. If
we want God's presence in our homes, we need to make our homes a holy place.
That doesn't mean you can't live in your home. It simply means that you do
all you can to keep your home free from sin and the things that are in
rebellion to God. Where you live is the most special place in your life and
it should be your desire to share that place with the Lord.


Robin Lee Hatcher said...

Loved this prayer and blessing for the home, Robin. Thanks for posting it to your blog. Having just gone through the selling and buying of a home this spring, it was most meaningful, and a good reminder of how I should pray for the home God has given me.

Robin Lee Hatcher

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks for stopping by! So glad you are enjoying your new home : )

Gina said...