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Saturday, July 14, 2007


My friend Robin Lee tagged me with the seven random things meme.

Here are the rules: Each blogger should list 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 random facts as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Okay . . . here goes.

1. My husband and I flew home from Las Vegas at 9am on Sept 10, 2001. I haven't been on a plane since.
2. Also in 2001, I won a PT Cruiser at a mortgage banker's convention in Hawaii.
3. I love to burn candles and my current favorite is Yankee Candle's "Vanilla Lime."
4. I love small, furry dogs and really miss my Lhasa Apso who has been gone for 2 years.
5. My dh runs a karaoke show and I enjoy going along to help singers locate the songs they choose.
6. I secretly enjoy the movies "Miss Congeniality" and "Legally Blonde."
7. When it snows I still get that excited feeling I got as a kid, even though I don't get to stay home from work when it happens.

Okay, I am going to tag: Cecelia Dowdy, Amber Miller, Gail G Martin, Laura Hamby and Deb Kinnard. Get ready, ladies!

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