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Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Dreams

This is an excerpt from a devotional by Oswald Chambers titled, "After Obedience-What?"

I felt it speaking to those writers who are yet unpublished and those who are between projects. Being obedient to the writing call can be the end purpose.

We must never put our dreams of success as God's purpose for us; His purpose may be exactly the opposite.

What is my dream of God's purpose? God is now working toward a particular finish; His end is the process. It is the process, not the end, which is glorifying to God.

God's training is for now, not presently. His purpose is for this minute, not for something in the future. We have nothing to do with the afterwards of obedience; we get wrong when we think of the afterward. What men call training and preparation, God calls the end.

God's end is to enable me to see that Hen can walk on the chaos of my life just now. If we have a further end in view, we do not pay sufficient attention to the immediate present; if we realize that obedience is the end, then each momentas it comes in precious.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing


(RiverOak, May 1, 2007)


Kathleen Popa

“Not a safe world.” How many times had she heard it over and over again? Well, it is not a safe world and Dara Murphy Brogan knew it better than most, which is exactly why she had tucked herself away on a desert mountaintop. Now it was just her, the voice inside her head and the boxes of hastily packed odds and ends—all that was left of her pathetic excuse of a life. Hadn’t she chosen the desert because it was barren and brown and dead looking and far, far away from anyone who may have seen the news?

So what was this, this trespasser, this interloper, this wacked out earth mother doing dancing outside her window? Celebrating life and the Spirit in a way Dara never could have dreamed. Until she opened her door and met Jane Cameron.

A book that makes me laugh is a joy, a book that makes me cry is a rarity. But a book that moves me to dance is sublime. To Dance in the Desert is a spectacular experience. Beautifully written, deeply moving, and warmly engaging—that this is Kathleen Popa’s first novel astounds me. That she will quickly be counted among the top caliber of Christian novelists delights me. I simply loved this book.

~Kathryn Mackel, Author of The Hidden

Sunday, July 22, 2007

And More Lovely Words

This is from Amanda and Beth Moore's LPM Blog--

Washington, D.C. Commissioning

My Dear Sister,
The God of Glory
Has called you.
You have a ministry.
In Christ, you are enough for that ministry.
Never forget that showing God off is your ministry.
No matter what,
Keep your heart in your ministry.
Unveil your face
And serve others with authenticity.
Always remember
That the power is in God's Presence.
Let nothing
Come between you
And intimacy with God.
Keep moving forward
From glory to glory.
Let God thin that veil.
Remember, ministry is not about position.
It's about people.
Let name after name
Be written on your heart.
Do not seek great things for yourself,
Seek a great God.
As you leave this place,
Go in a fresh anointing.
He who turns water into wine
Turns wimps into warriors.
You have a ministry.
Go fulfill it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lovely Words

I just love when I come across verses I recognize in my daily reading. This one, made famous through Handel's Messiah, always gives me goosebumps.

For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, [o] Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Western Touch

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing


(Center Street June 12, 2007)


Stephen Bly

Stephen Bly is a pastor, a mayor, an antique Winchester gun collector and a writer.

He's mayor of a town of 308 in the mountains of Idaho, on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. In his spare time, he pursues the three R's of ridin', ropin' and rodeo...and construction of Broken Arrow Crossing, a false-front western village near his home.

That keeps him very western. And he collect old Winchester rifles, which reflects his love of historical accuracy. He's also a fan of Jimmy Buffet music.

Stephen says about his writing, "I write about the West (historic or modern) from the inside. Born and raised on western ranches, I have both the heart and mind to describe things as they really were...and are. There are those who think the frontier has long passed and with it the ‘code of the west.’ The truth is, both are still around...and it’s fun to show that in a contemporary story. The West is so big, so diverse, so enchanting it’s a thrill to write about it in any era."

Stephen is the author of ninety-five books and hundreds of articles.

Read an interview with the author here.I must admit, I did not request this book to review. I requested a romance, which is what I usually read. But I was pleasantly surprised when I started to read the first few pages!

It’s a romp...

A road adventure...

It’s a buddy story with romantic comedy!!

Some call it CowboyLit. Rodeo cowboy Hap Bowman’s on a search for Juanita, the gal of his dreams, whom he hasn’t seen in 18 years. He seems stuck on 12-years-old and the enchanting girl he met then.

"An idiot obsession," his roping partner, Laramie Majors, chides.

But Laramie agrees to a final summer’s trek along the Rio Grande. If they don’t find Juanita during those months, Hap promises to drop the idea of the hunt for the mystery senorita. But if they find her, will she feel the same as Hap does about their years ago interlude?

In One Step Over The Border the time tested values of cowboys rub up against contemporary mores. It’s a crazy story that becomes more logical as the reader delves deeper into it. It will make you laugh and shed a tear or two.

Getting back to Hap’s pursuit . . . don’t we all have someone in the past, that we knew for only a short while, that we wish we could have known better, longer? Stephen Bly has!. So when Hap and Laramie ventured out on a quest for Hap’s Juanita, Stephen decided to invite others to go along too. Folks have been e-mailing Hap and asking for their own “Juanita Search Kits.”

They get a bumper sticker, magnet, bookmark, stickers, flyers, etc. It’s a whole packet of material that will equip anyone to join the fun of finding the Juanita with “the mark of God.” If they send Hap a picture of the places where they stuck their Juanita signs, they’ll receive a free copy of the book. It’s all there on the website at

And there’s a very special feature on more adventures about Hap and Laramie that did NOT appear in the book, can be found on AmazonShorts in the story entitled, Aim Low, Shoot High.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


My friend Robin Lee tagged me with the seven random things meme.

Here are the rules: Each blogger should list 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 random facts as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Okay . . . here goes.

1. My husband and I flew home from Las Vegas at 9am on Sept 10, 2001. I haven't been on a plane since.
2. Also in 2001, I won a PT Cruiser at a mortgage banker's convention in Hawaii.
3. I love to burn candles and my current favorite is Yankee Candle's "Vanilla Lime."
4. I love small, furry dogs and really miss my Lhasa Apso who has been gone for 2 years.
5. My dh runs a karaoke show and I enjoy going along to help singers locate the songs they choose.
6. I secretly enjoy the movies "Miss Congeniality" and "Legally Blonde."
7. When it snows I still get that excited feeling I got as a kid, even though I don't get to stay home from work when it happens.

Okay, I am going to tag: Cecelia Dowdy, Amber Miller, Gail G Martin, Laura Hamby and Deb Kinnard. Get ready, ladies!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Fiction

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing


(Bethany House, July 1, 2007)


Robin Parrish

ok Two of the Dominion Trilogy:

The world changed after that terrible day when the sky burned, and now every heart is gripped by fear...

Earthquakes, fire, disease, and floods pummel the earth, and its citizens watch in horror.

But in the darkness there is hope -- an anonymous but powerful hero whom the public dubs "Guardian." He is Grant Borrows, one of a chosen few who walk the earth with extraordinary powers. But while Grant enjoys this new life, signs of a dangerous ancient prophecy begin coming true, and those closest to Grant worry he may be hiding a terrible secret.

A search for answers brings Grant and his friends to London, where an extraordinary discovery awaits that will challenge everything they thought they knew. With a deadly new enemy dogging his steps, Grant realizes that the world's only hope may come from unraveling the truth about himself once and for all. But what he comes face-to-face with leaves even this most powerful of men shaken with fear.

Secrets will be revealed.

Friends will make the ultimate sacrifice.

And destiny will not be denied.

The story continues...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our job as Writers

Excerpt from's daily devotional. I have read this one before, but each time it reminds me of the job we have to do as writers.

So exactly what is God calling you to do? Many think serving God means
selling everything you have and going to live in some far off jungle. While
God does burden many people to serve Him in a missionary capacity, most
people God calls to serve Him right where they are at in their life. Don't
think for a second that it is an accident or coincidence you go to school
where you do or that you work where you do. It is God who opened those doors
and has placed you for this season of your life right where He wants you to


Never forget that your greatest witness for the Lord will always be how you
live your life before others each day. People do notice. Also, the greatest
thing you can share with someone, after how they can be saved, is what Jesus
has done in your life. You are a living testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ!
God has you at the school you go to, at the job you work at, living where
you do, meeting people in the course of your daily activities, for a reason
and purpose. Especially today where the better part of two full generations
don't go to church, you are the only Bible they will ever read and the only
contact with Christ they will ever have.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Fiction

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing



Chuck Holton>


As the global war on terror heats up, the U.S. deploys a team of highly trained special operators overseas to locate and neutralize threats, bringing EOD expertise to dangerous missions that have no room for error.

A new specialty explosive is on the black market: ITEB looks like water, but when it's exposed to air, the effects are lethal! The United States government is frantic to keep it from our shores. Staff Sergeant Euripides "Rip" Rubio knows how destructive ITEB can be. He has already risked his life to thwart a horrific terrorist plot involving the chemical. Now Task Force Valor heads to Panama, on the trail of an arms dealer who plans to use ITEB to make a killing...literally.

Fernanda Lerida is a University of Florida grad student who jumps at the chance to join a biological expedition to a mysterious former prison island. But the snakes, bugs, and crocodiles are soon the least of her worries as the group stumbles upon something they were not meant to see. To Make matters worse, Fernanda soon finds herself alone and being pursued by an unseen foe.

When Rip's path collides with Fernanda's, they find themselves caught in the midst of a brutal turf war. Can they use the chaos to their advantage, or will one false step set the entire island ablaze?

"Island Inferno is a boy-meets-girl story. But in Chuck Holton's world, boy meets girl in the middle of a jungle at 25mph. hanging under a parachute with an assault rifle strapped across his chest. You'd better plan on reading this in one sitting. And once you're done, you'd better give yourself time for your pulse to calm down."
----TOM MORRISEY, Author of Deep Blue, and Dark Fathom

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Chore of Blogging

Great post today over at Paperback Writer.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Revitalize Your Blog

Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau might poke fun at bloggers now and then, one of his top aides says, but he doesn't hate us. I want to get to the point in my career where I have a top aide who handles that sort of thing, don't you? Dilbert author Scott Adams, on the other hand, could tell Gary about the reality of blogging -- that it's hard work, and keeping a blog going requires a lot of time, effort, and nonstop creativity.

Still, bloggers are now finding ways to blog without writing at all, as with the new tumblelog format. So if you don't want to write, you can go that way and free yourself of the daily blogrind.

Hey, maybe someday they'll invent the tumblenovel, and we'll all be out of work.

I think most blogs fail within the first year after they're created because their writers jump into them without really knowing how much work they demand. Maintaining a blog requires ingenuity, flexibility, and a certain amount of emotional investment. Blogging is a labor of writing love, and if you hate to write on a regular basis, you might as well save yourself a lot of grief and go do that tumblething.

Let's assume that you do like to write but for whatever reason you're ready to give up your blog. Maybe you've run out of ideas for content, or feel disappointed by the lack of traffic, or you're just tired of working on the damn thing. Whatever the cause, it's not fun anymore, and you're starting to avoid your blog like that aunt who still pinches your cheeks every time she sees you.

Don't feel bad. Everyone gets sick of their blog. If you only knew how many times my cursor has hovered over that Delete This Blog button.

To turn things around, first stop whatever you've been doing with your blog and look at your archives. Pick out five posts you've written that you love, and five that you hate, and study them. Each group will probably have something in common; for example:
Five of my favorite posts: Pride & Publishing, Mary Sue Anonymous, The Devil's Publishing Dictionary, The Last Samurai Agent and The Escapist Artist -- almost all of them are parodies, so I guess I know what I like to write.

Five of my least favorite posts: Filtered (way too long and complicated), Trend Tracking Versus Jumping (I was never happy with how this one turned out; I wanted to flesh it out with more facts and links), Hired Guns (not enough useful/practical info), Another First (I hate interviews, and I pimped my own interview -- ick), and Renting PBW (waaaay too candid) -- I could have done better with all of these, from concept to wording to length, and I probably should never write a blog post after I've had a run-in with an editor.

The point of the exercise is to identify what you like and dislike about your blog, so you write more posts like the ones you love, and skip writing posts like those you hate.

(read the rest at her site--