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Monday, May 14, 2007

Thanks so much to Brenda and The Romance Studio! Woohoo!!

Good Samaritan
Robin Bayne
Inspirational romance
Available from By Grace Publishing
March 2007

Rachel Martin is in a quandary; her only job has been working for Davie at Davie’s Desserts—and he just went to France! Now Rachel is faced with no help, no money, few supplies, and contracts she cannot fulfill. Her faith in God has dwindled through the years and, in spite of the strong prayer lives of her Mother and sister, she does not have much to turn to.
And then there is, of course, a man; Timothy Gardner, at 6’3”, works out to keep his lean physique that he had while in the military, is one of her best customers. His parents own Gardner’s Gazebo CafĂ© and, while they are traveling, he set out to prove that he is able to run the restaurant and excel. He has adopted, as the signature dessert, one of Rachel’s masterpieces, cheesecake with golden icing and a tiny gazebo on each piece--and he needs 12 every day of the weekend!

When Tim finds out Rachel is in trouble, he works undercover to ‘help’ her. He prays for a way to do that, and anonymously pays bills and orders supplies. He realizes he is interested in her and asks her out. What occurs next is the focus of their story. Whether she is able to meet her contract with him is another predicament she faces.

There are several other characters—strongly written—who help create this great story. The plot is solid and, while it deals with several issues, it does not falter in creating a wonderful, feel-good story about a young woman learning to depend on God for her needs and allowing others to help.

Ms. Robin Bayne has written a beautiful novel with a somewhat surprise ending. I am honored to have reviewed this book and I recommend it highly. Pick up this book to read and, if you are going through a rough time yourself, it can give you hope for the future!

Overall rating: 5 HeartsSensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Brenda Talley

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