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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why The Snowflake Guy Writes Fiction

Randy Ingermanson, the Snowflake Guy, has a new blog and an interesting essay today:

What drives you to write fiction?

After all, writing fiction is hard work. You might spend years learning the craft of writing fiction. Then more years trying to get your work published. Then the reviewers sink their fangs into your precious baby. Then your book hits the shelves, sells a few copies, and disappears in the flood of new titles. All for a LOT less money per hour than you’d earn flipping burgers.
Why do we put up with up with this? Are we sick? Are we stupid? Are we that desperate for attention? Why do you write fiction?
I’ll tell you why I write fiction.

It’s because . . . I can’t NOT write fiction

Yes, writing is painful, hard, knuckle-busting work. But I love it. I love starting with a third of an idea. I love composting that idea for years and years. I love adding to it little by little. I love developing the design for a beautifully structured story. I love hanging out with characters who don’t really exist anywhere except in that small space between my ears. I love writing proposals and selling them to editors. I love sitting down to a clean page and typing that first sentence. I love drilling out my daily word count. I love finishing the story and typing THE END and knowing that I’ve done something most people can’t do. I love editing it. I love the adrenaline rush of doing final edits at 3 AM and emailing it in to my editor at the last possible second. I love reviewing the proofs. I love getting the first copy of my new book in the mail.
I love it all.

Read the rest of Randy's post here.

1 comment:

chrisd said...

I'll get over to him eventually. I'm having time issues. Sheesh!

I haven't finished Karen Hancock's book yet. AND my own work? Forget about it.

You, my dear, are my hero.