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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Previews & Prizes!

Good morning!!! Hope everyone is ready to participate in my author day!!! I am going to begin by posting an excerpt that kicks off the story.

Take a peek at the pics in yesterday's post-- they have edible gold leaf icing, much like my heroine's signature dessert.

Stay tuned for the question at the end of the excerpt--winners will be drawn tomorrow for several prizes--- winners picked at random from all the posted entries here and on the By Grace reader's loop (feel free to join the loop too: )

The Good Samaritan

“What do you mean, he’s gone?” Rachel Martin looked up from her menu-planner to see her sister waving an envelope in the air. She tapped her foot impatiently under the wood dining table.

“I mean,” Sandy said, tilting her red head and extending the envelope, “Davie’s gone, and he left you this.”

Rachel’s spine straightened, and she squeezed the bridge of her nose before taking the envelope. Willing her hand not to tremble, she opened the unsealed flap and shook out two crisp sheets of folded paper. While Sandy waited, Rachel began to read silently.

My Dearest Rachelle,
I’m so sorry to depart so abruptly, but I’ve accepted a once-in-a-lifetime offer to study under France’s top pastry chef. What an opportunity! I had to leave immediately or risk losing the position, and I apologize for everything, but I must find my true calling. Enclosed is a letter for the bank, giving you full access to the company account. Say farewell to dear Sandra for me, and have a wonderful life using your incredible culinary talents. You’ve been a marvelous partner, but this is what I must do with my future.

Au Revoir, Davie.

Rachel lowered the page. The smell of baking bread permeated the small shop, which she usually loved. Now it seemed to gag her.What about what she wanted? Had Davie even considered that? What about her future?

“What are you thinking?” Sandy asked, studying Rachel through narrowed eyes and a sprinkling of light brown freckles.

Rachel sighed, jiggled her knees and pinched her nose again. What was she thinking? She mentally calculated the cost of the new equipment she’d just ordered, the large supply of goods on their way and the catering jobs lined up for the next few weeks. Silently she gave Sandy the note and pushed her chair back from the table with a scrape of wood across wood.
She paced from the counter to the glass front door, running her hand across the clean, smooth surfaces. Her stomach remained down near her toes and now burned with the adrenalin of panic. What was she going to do without Davie? This was his business, his life—he’d hired her right out of high school because she could decorate a complex, three-tiered wedding cake like a pro. Everything else she knew about food preparation, booking jobs and organizing parties had come from him; had been his area of expertise.

“So what now?” Sandy’s brows knit together in concern, her worried expression fortifying the pounding in Rachel’s temples.

“I’m not sure.” Long moments passed with only the ticking of the wall clock and the refrigerator’s hum.

“Should we try to track him down? Make him listen to reason?”

Rachel considered it for just a moment, but shook her head. “No. If he wants to go off and start a new life, or improve the one he has, it’s not up to us to try and stop him.”

“Am I out of a job?” Sandy tapped the table with her long, pink painted nails. “Are you out of a job? Are we closing Davie’s Desserts?”

What was your first job? Did you think it would lead to a lifelong career?

(post your response in the Comments section for a chance to win!)


robynl said...

My first job was a car hop at the A&W. I was so happy to be working; it was back when the car hops had to go out to the cars that had their lights on and take the orders. Winter time was no fun because the pen wouldn't even write sometimes because it was too cold.
I didn't think it would lead to a career in car hopping and thank goodness it didn't although car hopping is no longer around.

Robin Bayne said...

Wow, were you on rollerskates too?

robynl said...

no rollerskates, thank goodness.

Robin Bayne said...

That's good! LOL

I bet winters were awful!

froggieb said...

Robin, first let me say, yippee, I found you.

My first job was a part-time clerk in the footwear dept. at K-Mart. I worked my way up to manager, but I wasn't cut out for it. Right before I found out about baby #2 I resigned. Only 10 years of my life.


Robin Bayne said...

Isn't footwear fun? I worked for years part time at Thom McAn selling shoes, back in high school.

robynl said...

I used to sell shoes and accessories at Sears. Small world.

Robin Bayne said...

Sure is. I always wonder if that's why I love to buy shoes now. LOL

Kem said...

my first job was working at a 5 and 10 and I disliked it heartily. I did not think it would lead to any long term thing, nor did it.