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Monday, February 26, 2007

Notice your Rhythm

This is from Heather Sellers' new book, Chapter After Chapter. (The sequel to Page after Page.)
It's about overcoming a block in your writing, and it's simple and sincere:

Notice Your Rhythm

Getting unstuck is a mental game, a head job, an inside deal. Pay attention to how you work best. Learn your own rhythm, your ups and downs. Repeat what works. Sound obvious? Many of my writing students walk around thinking either I'm inspired! or I don't feel like writing! and they have no idea why.

They're stuck because they haven't been writing. But they think exactly the opposite: They haven't been writing because they are stuck.

Inspiration isn't random or quixotic. Smart writers learn how to conjure it by paying attention to what happens right before and during a good writing session. . . . . It takes about as you were away to get back to where you were. . . .I am not disciplined. I keep working in order to avoid painful consequences.

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