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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Doors Closing Before You

This is a post I made almost one year ago tonight, and shared with the members of the American Christian Fiction Writers Mid-Atlantic chapter. I'd love to hear from new readers and writers --what do you think? What doors have closed before you?

I recently discovered the book of daily devotionals by L.B. Cowman, “Streams in the Desert.” The author’s entry for January 10 really seemed to speak to me.

Beloved, whenever you are in doubt as to which way to turn, submit your judgement absolutely to the Spirit of God, asking him to shut every door butthe right one. Say to Him, “Blessed Spirit, I give to You the entire responsibility of closing every road and stopping every step that is not of God. Let me hear Your voice behind me whenever I turn aside to right or to the left. (Deut. 5:32)”In the meantime, continue along the path you have been traveling. Persist in your calling until you are clearly told to do something else. . . . Just be careful to obey even His smallest nudging or warning. . . . Do not be surprised if your answer comes in doors closing before you.

Opinions? Experiences?


chrisd said...

That's a tough one for me personally. When I was a new believer, I was so caught up in doing the right thing that I became extremely legalistic and may I say, judgmental.

I think you also have to be open to the little surprises in life. Just because God opens another door, it doesn't mean that what's inside will be easy.

I hope that makes sense.

Robin Bayne said...

I got involved with a legalistic group at first, too. *nodding* It does make sense. Thanks for commenting.