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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Making A Difference

Tonight I see the funeral of former President Ford being broadcast on television, and it reminds me of this devotional sent out last week by Bill Keller at

It speaks to all of us who will never be president of this country, or any country. And it speaks to us on what we *can* do to make a difference--writers included.

Very few people in their life will have the opportunity to become
the President of the United States or the leader of a nation.
However, EVERY PERSON has the ability to make a difference in this
world no matter what you have been called to do. I don't care if
you are 15 or 115, rich or poor, male or female, what color your
skin is, YOU can make an impact on this world with your life and be
a leader.

God gives each of us passions, things that we develop a love for
throughout our life. God gives each of us gifts, special abilities
that come naturally to us. Throughout our life God opens and closes
doors. It is through these passions we have, through the gifts we
have received and developed, and through the opportunities that life
presents us, that each person can make an impact on this world
during the course of their life.

You see, God needs His children in every area of life. He calls His
children to be teachers, doctors, scientists, astronauts, pilots,
police officers, fire fighters, secretaries, bank tellers, garbage
collectors, janitors, nurses, homemaker, car dealers, mechanics,
farmers, politicians, entertainers, lawyers, writers, stock brokers,
and any other profession you can name. Throughout the course of a
person's life, God may call someone to do many different things.
The point is, whatever career or profession you are in, you can make
a difference. The key is to do your very best each day and realize
that your life matters.

Those who know Christ as their Savior have been called to lead.
The most common way we lead is by example, how we live our lives
each day before this lost world we are part of for this brief time.

Of course, no matter how much we may accomplish in our life, our
greatest legacy will be those lives we touch for Christ along our
journey. You see my friend, no matter what your passions may be,
what your gifts may be, what career or occupation you have, we all
have the same purpose in this life. That is to serve and glorify God
with our lives. All that we do in this life comes back to our God-
given purpose which is to serve and glorify Him. The money we
accumulate, the property we own, all of the things of this world
will one day pass away, but those lives we impact for Christ will
last for eternity!

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