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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Carols

As many of you know, my husband runs karaoke for small parties and gatherings, usually company functions or events where there is no smoking allowed. Well, tonight he had a job at a very small private Christmas party and I went along to help out.

I was so touched that the crowd wanted to sing traditional Christmas carols and some of the more trendy ones-- but they shunned all the pop music for the Christmas music. And they all sang together (although not always "together," if you get my drift.) And it was beautiful. Not politically correct or fashionably "cool," but beautiful and with respect to the season. And the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas, carolers everywhere.

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Shari C said...

I love the traditional Christmas carols. Our church has a candlelight service on Christmas Eve where we sing many of the songs that are favorites and known to everyone. We all love to sing them no matter how wonderful or maybe 'not' so great a voice we have. It is a very sentimental and joyous service that our church has every year and we all love to attend and participate.