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Friday, November 17, 2006

Writing? Who has time for writing?

Today's post on Newbie's Guide to Publishing is so on the money---of course, the "other job" for me is extremely time-consuming, but it does pay the bills!

Being a writer these days is the career equivalent of ADD.

Years ago, in the days of typewriters (note to newbies: a typewriter was a device like a computer, but without a monitor, memory, or Minesweeper) writers could sit down at their desk and just write. Then, when they finished writing, they could write their next book.

These days, not so much. Temptations and other work-related activities abound for the writer. There are dozens of opportunities to slack-off without even getting out of your chair.

Writing blogs
Checking for replies on blogs
Checking for replies to your replies on blogs
Computer games
Checking email
Surfing the net
Message boards
Checking Amazon
And then there are the other requirements of the job:

Conventions, conferences, and festivals
Library and school talks
Stock signings
And, of course:

Other job

Read the rest here.

I get tired just reading the lists! Oh well, now I have to go actually write.

1 comment:

Jen Holling said...

So true, Robin! That's why I started writing long hand. No internet to distract me from the story! But it's there--all I have to do is grab my laptop--but it's not as acessible.