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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Caroling for Christmas. . . with Robin Lee Hatcher

I love to stock up on Christmas stories and begin reading them each November, and I've just read the first one for 2006. This is a book I would have picked up for either the author or the cover-- Robin Lee Hatcher is an "auto-buy" for me, and the cover is so warm and inviting I can't imagine passing it by! I wasn't disappointed in the story--as usual Robin tells a tale that involves your emotions and leaves you feeling good. "A Carol for Christmas" is her 50th published novel!

I first met Robin at a writer's retreat in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia a few years ago. At the time I hadn't made the change to inspirational fiction, but I enjoyed meeting her and was impressed that she treated all the writers, both new and established, with kindness and respect. I worked with her when I was the secretary for the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of RWA, and now follow her blog daily. After reading the other blogger's entries and finishing "Carol," I asked Robin the following:

Did you personally have musical aspirations?

I love music and have the heart of a great singer, but alas, not the voice. While I don't make people cover their ears and shudder when I open my mouth, I consider my singing to be closer to a joyful noise. I know my limitations. I took piano lessons as a girl and still pick out a few melodies, although it would take real practice for me to be any good at it. I also played the flute for a few years but that was long, long ago.

What do you listen to while writing?

While writing, I usually listen to movie soundtracks (no lyrics, just music). But I have an enormous collection of CDs and, since the advent of iTunes, a lot of singles as well. My musical taste is very eclectic. I listen to Bach and Mozart, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, Don Moen and the Newsboys, Elvis Presley and Barry Manilow. Music inspires me.

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Some ending words from Robin:

In the final analysis, it isn't about me or my gifts. It's about Jesus. All that matters to me is, did I give it all up for Him? Did I live abundantly and with abandon in the beauty of His grace? When I reach the end of my life, I hope to be able to say, Yes, I did.

Visit her website and blog for an early Christmas treat.


chrisd said...

Hi Robin--My name is Chris from Genre Fiction. Nice Article--I want to go over to her site in December and check it out.

I have to NaNo now. Nice to meet you!

Sean Carter said...

hi! it was nice reading your blog. i will check out this book you have mentioned. peep into this amazing Holiday Blog for some unique gift ideas and lots more interesting stuffs.