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Friday, September 29, 2006

We're All Writers. . . . .

Interesting post fromBrenda Coulter on writers who find shame in being "unpublished."

Prepublished? Don't make me laugh

Yesterday I heard a writer call herself "prepublished." I've heard the word before, but it appears to be picking up steam, because lately I've been hearing it everywhere. Published writers are using the word (it seems to me) because they want to appear humble, generous, and encouraging. And unpublished writers are using it about themselves to demonstrate their determination to succeed (at selling their work): they're not your run-of-the-mill unpublished bumblers. They are serious about their writing. They're prepublished.

Give me a break. Do marriage-minded college girls call themselves prewives? Do Olympic athletes call themselves premedalists? Do Hollywood hopefuls call themselves prestars?

Here's the thing: If you write, you are a writer. Some writers are published, some aren't yet published, and some will never be published. Merely knowing that a writer is unpublished does not tell us she lacks talent or has a subpar work ethic. And the fact that a writer is published merely suggests--it does not assure--that she is both talented and serious about her writing.

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